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Help! Cat wee on doormat. Do I use bio or non-bio to wash it?

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catj Thu 02-Feb-06 10:13:32

My neutered male cat has wee'd on our (thankfully) machine washable doormat. However I can't remember if it's bio or non-bio that I should use to deter him from doing it again. TIA

joash Thu 02-Feb-06 10:23:51

Actually - even if it's washable I'd throw it away. Ours is neutered and after weeing on our washable may, no matter what we did - he continued to 'go' there until we got rid...something about a habit??

joash Thu 02-Feb-06 10:24:31

mat...mat...not may

mumatuks Thu 02-Feb-06 10:26:58


catj Thu 02-Feb-06 10:30:44

Thank you and if that doesn't work I'll be washing the cat next

Chloe55 Thu 02-Feb-06 10:48:58

You could try putting vinegar on it too after it is washed as this prevents them from weeing/spraying in the same place

Crystaltips Thu 02-Feb-06 10:53:31

On the same vein ...

Y'know that coconut matting stuff that people have in their porch ... well our it is in the hall ( as he connecting door was removed ) ... anyway our famle cat wee'd on it .... how do I stop her doing it again ? And how do I get rid of the smell ?

I cannot wash it as it cannot be removed.

Any help... sorry to hijack

Piffle Thu 02-Feb-06 11:04:16

wash the cat in non bio and throw the mat out

catj Thu 02-Feb-06 11:09:09

The mat itself has a waterproof backing but as an extra I've sprinkled neutradol carpet freshener and hoovered. Maybe thats worth a go?

HeatherB999 Tue 10-Sep-19 11:50:37

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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