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KS's Dream Christmas!!

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harman Sat 22-Nov-03 20:41:49

Message withdrawn

harman Sat 22-Nov-03 20:43:11

Message withdrawn

3GirlsMum Sat 22-Nov-03 20:52:34

Sounds lovely...mine is hastily wrapping the christmas presents I havent had time to do and peeling all the brussel sprouts for the following

Hoping to go to a late church service this christmas eve though, presume they still do them?!

wiltshire Mon 24-Nov-03 00:18:03

Twas indeed a wonderful post. DH doesn't do anything apart from sit & eat/fall asleep/watch tv. And as for midnight mass, phhhh, forget it. However, this year I have my little ds who will be 3 months old. And I intend to have a 'Christmas from the M&S catalogue'. So will not run around in tatty nightie on Xmas morning. Will not have TV on. Will not get pissed by noon. Will have a holly wreath on front door. Will get wrapping paper from a reputable shop and not the pound shop.

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