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Congratulations Marina!

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musica Sat 22-Nov-03 12:32:34

I see you've won this week's competition!

codswallop Sat 22-Nov-03 13:01:40

wish i had seen the gift for a newborn bit... would never reccomend those things... no gro bag?

i often get swinmming trunks as no one gets them or bath mats and ducks etc

suedonim Sat 22-Nov-03 13:02:17

Congrats, Marina! Where *are* these comps - I never see them and I want to win one!

lucy123 Sat 22-Nov-03 13:56:06

Yes congratulations.

Good to see someone I "know" win! Maybe it'll be my turn soon.

Codswallop - what are you going on about???

lucy123 Sat 22-Nov-03 13:57:37

Suedonim - the comps are on the homepage, usually there's a new one on a Monday. I've been entering every single one lately, but there was a lull in the summer when the prizes were holidays I'd never be able to take. Maybe I should start playing the lottery instead.

suedonim Sat 22-Nov-03 14:01:17

Is it only there on Mondays, Lucy? maybe I've been looking on the wrong day! Thanks for the info.

lucy123 Sat 22-Nov-03 14:03:07

No - they usually run Mon to Fri, but sometimes it gets relegated to the bottom of the page after Monday!

Grommit Sat 22-Nov-03 14:19:27

I won the baby Bonne nuit sleeping bag last week - great timing as baby is arriving on Thursday!

Batters Sat 22-Nov-03 15:29:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marina Sat 22-Nov-03 19:53:35

Thanks ladies! I'm well chuffed. Dd will be the only family member with decent luggage, as we have bashed old holdalls from our honeymoon seven years ago and ds has a dayglo pullalong from the pound shop (chosen by him).
Suedonim, they appear at the top of the home page on the right for a couple of days then are relegated to nearer the bottom of the home page, sometimes reappearing at the top with a couple of days left to run.
Coddy - I promise I gave the Grobag a glowing write-up in what may well have been my winning review. They don't often get bought by first-time parents because at that point they don't realise how useful a simple sleeping bag can be...
And I have just seen that in fact Lucy has answered Sue's question much more succinctly than I did Good luck, I've been entering them for ages and this is my first bullseye!
Thanks Mumsnet

Demented Sat 22-Nov-03 22:56:22

Congrats Marina, I had a look at the luggage and it is gorgeous!

I while back I won a Country Baby cot quilt and it is lovely, I was really chuffed as it is the only thing I have ever won and I wasn't even trying!

suedonim Sat 22-Nov-03 23:23:04

Thanks for the replies - remind me to check on on Monday for the next comp!! I'll want to win it, of course.

tigermoth Mon 24-Nov-03 13:32:52

congrats marina!

I know that feeling of seeing your name amongst the winners on a Saturday morning. Wish I could enter all the comps, but I'm past the need for newborn stuff or maternity clothing - I assume anyway

I wonder if tickets for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang will feature as a prize sometime - I see they are advertising on the site now.

jodee Mon 24-Nov-03 23:03:15

Yes, well done! I know what you mean, Tigermoth - I won a prize the week before and it *does* make you feel good to see your name as a winner!

(Now I hope there aren't too many people here entering the CS Lewis dvd comp, I've earmarked that one as well! )

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