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Those Nigerian email scams

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janh Fri 21-Nov-03 13:55:33

If you could do with a laugh and you've got a few hours to spare (it sucks you in ) have a look at whats the bloody point or scamorama .

lucy123 Fri 21-Nov-03 16:03:36

well it took me a while to find the interesting ones...

did you see this one ?

I can just picture the scammers poring over their English dictionaries to find out about being "on the same page", "escargot accounts" etc.

I read recently that there have been hundreds of people scammed in the UK, for an average of £35k.
Are people really that stupid?

WSM Fri 21-Nov-03 17:06:42

Since when could a Moose be described as viscous ??!!!

SimonHoward Fri 21-Nov-03 18:21:21


Greed makes people stupid.

There are too many greedy people.

wiltshire Fri 21-Nov-03 23:03:38

My DH company got one of these last week. I genuinely cannot for the life of me see how people fall for it. These people got us out of the Yellow Pages. Nutters.

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