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Jemma7 Thu 20-Nov-03 16:04:34

Probably know how useless i am at these things but i have been searching for an old thread!

It has absolutely nothing to do with me and i think it was before my time here - i have heard bits and pieces regarding what this person went through but i am really interested to know the actually story!

I'm not sure if this person posted her "story" as such or just told people about it here and there - i have tried searching on the poster but it i can't find it!

Can anyone tell me another way to search!

Sorry to be vague but i don't want to post the persons name or any details as i don't want to bring things back to them unneccesarily etc.
Thanks x

SoupDragon Thu 20-Nov-03 16:08:14

The poster might have changed their name.

Jemma7 Thu 20-Nov-03 16:10:11

I know they have had their current name since i have been here which is about 10 months!

Thanks for the suggestion though

Janstar Thu 20-Nov-03 16:27:56

Perhaps if you emailed the person concerned via contact another talker, they might be glad of your interest and tell you what you want to know.

Jaybee Thu 20-Nov-03 16:35:20

Try searching for a key word in their story under 'Search Board' and see what comes up.

lucy123 Thu 20-Nov-03 16:57:44

search for the username as a keyword rather than a username. Long story threads (especially sad ones) tend to have lots of posts which read "sorry about this username" so you should find it easier.

Or email me and I'll see if I can remember!

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