Parent and child parking

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nikkie Sun 29-Jan-06 15:02:40

Just wondering how old your child is when you stop using these.I know some people use them for teenagers
If there is a space near the shop(ie without lots of roads to cross) I use these instead(my2 are 4&5) but sometimes this isn't practical.

lockets Sun 29-Jan-06 15:08:17

Message withdrawn

NannyL Sun 29-Jan-06 15:08:31

on my parents child permit for tesco it said that it should run out in the childs 5th birthday

i think that when you have young children where they still use buggies thats fine... but IMO these spaces are not for children who have started full time school!

Mudnotcod Sun 29-Jan-06 15:09:31

theyu are parent and toddler spaces not parent and child spaces. so if your child is not a toddler then no you shouldn't be using thme. i don't htink a 4 and 5 year old are todldlers unless tehy have special needs or is dangerous to cross roads

Gloworm Sun 29-Jan-06 15:13:24

i suppose you use them when you have to strap your children into their car seats, hence the extra space at the side of the car parking space. when your child is old enough to strap their own seatbelt you have no need to stand beside the open car door, ie you dont need those parking spaces.

Blossomhill Sun 29-Jan-06 15:15:52

I use them and they are 6 and 8. However my dd does have special needs and is terrible in car parks so that's my justification.
If I had ds with me then I wouldn't unless there weren't any other spaces available as he is still a child.

nikkie Sun 29-Jan-06 15:42:32

Like I said I only use them when it is busy roads but I thought Tesco had some rule re age.
I don't have a car (borrow my mums ) so don't drive to supermarkets with kids that often anyway, but was there this am and was surprised at the people using the spaces especially when I parked opposite the shop (only crossed one zebra) and there was lotsof spaces.

SoupDragon Sun 29-Jan-06 16:22:45

Tescos spaces are for under 5s.

1980cat Sun 29-Jan-06 20:01:15

Our local council car parks are up to eight. But Tescos are 5

babyonboard Mon 30-Jan-06 13:23:36

me and my mum used them all the time when i was pregnant and had bad spd...
we knew we couldn't use disabled as we didn't have the badge, though i really couldn't walk far at all
technically she was with her child, and i was with mine..hehehe

now baby is here it annoys me how often people with no kids will use them.

saltire Mon 30-Jan-06 13:54:22

I have never used them. When Ds's were little babies, the parent and toddler spaces were always taken up by someone with no car seats, so obviously no kids. We just got into the habit of not using them.
It really annoys me to see parents struggling with a buggy, or tying to get a small child across the car park because someone has used a parent and child space when they didn't need to

babyonboard Mon 30-Jan-06 14:02:18

i know what you mean. if i'm in a car park thats really busy and about to leave a parent/child space and someone is waiting with blatanly no kids in the car we just sit there until they give up and look in the normal car parking areas

vickiyumyum Mon 30-Jan-06 14:02:20

at you babyonboard!!!

do you feel guilty now that you know how hard it can be to get a young baby out of the car when parked in a normal space?

chjlly Mon 30-Jan-06 14:04:52

I've had the guts to ask people to move their cars if they haven't got kids with them either that or I'll say to whoever I'm with loudly look they've forgotten something!
Shops won't ask people to move because they have to much agro from customers and they don't have to provide the spaces and could take them away at any time if they wanted

babyonboard Mon 30-Jan-06 14:08:19

no beacause i only used them when i literally couldnt walk without excruciating pain (and only on the two or three occasions i was driven out for dinner - a blessing!)
and wouldnt have wanted my mum to get a parking ticket for parking in a disabled spot.

chjlly Mon 30-Jan-06 14:10:07

One of the asda's I used to shop at had mum to be spaces too!

babyonboard Mon 30-Jan-06 14:14:01

wow! that should be a common thing...
i stil don't feel guilty , my need was greater than the (childless)people who take them just because they don't have to walk as far

pepperpots Mon 30-Jan-06 14:18:52

My ds are 3 and 19 months so i still use these spaces. About a year ago i went to asda and was just about to pull into a m&b space and some arrogant arsehole decided to cut me up and pull in there!!! he had no children and was alone in the car! I stopped my car much to my sisters horror and starting asking at te top of my voice "oh im sorry you appear to have lost your children would you like me to help you look for them???" He told me to f*ck off as he was in a rush! So i pulled my car up behind his and went and did my shopping very sloooowwwwly!! i came out forty minutes later to find a very irrate man tapping his steering wheel! I said "im awful sorry, it looks as though i may have blocked you in!" I very much doubt he will park in these spaces again! (btw he couldnt have been in that much of a rush as he could have qiute easily called the manager and told him i blocked him in, but he knew he was in the wrong so just waited for me to comeout)

Pixel Mon 30-Jan-06 14:22:47

The cars with no seats in may have been carrying children though. You take infant carriers into the store with you don't you?

I once arrived back at a normal parking space with my ds in his infant carrier to find I had been blocked in and couldn't open the doors wide enough to get the seat in. Luckily the owner of one of the cars arrived back just as I was starting to panic a bit.

Racers Mon 30-Jan-06 14:26:05

pepperpots that is hilarious! you are gutsy! good on yer

chjlly Mon 30-Jan-06 14:29:02

I once got jumped on by a woman getting out of my car she started having a go at me until I told her to givce me a chance to get round to the other side of the car to get ds out! - I think she was a little embarassed!
I also asked a 'lad' to move his car from a space & he complained that his doors would get bashed I told him that wasn't the point of the spaces and no one else in the car park was that bothered!! he did move though

pepperpots Mon 30-Jan-06 14:32:48

Racers even more hilarious if you knew how quiet i was in rl i never shout at anyone and try to keep my cool and hate confrontation, but at that point i had a 7 month old baby and a 2.5 yr old it was tipping down with rain and i'd had a bad morning and he was so arrogant and snooty i just let rip

Racers Mon 30-Jan-06 14:33:02

Yes, pixel, that's how it is for us, until she goes into the next stage seat. We asked our Sainsbury's for a p&c sticker for the car but they don't do that scheme anymore. The woman said "well we'd know you had children because of the car seat". We were standing in front of her with DD in her car seat in one of their car seat trolleys!! At one point, you had to have a sticker to park there but obviously not any longer. I was told to complain at customer services if I saw someone parking who shouldn't as they would clamp them. I haven't done this though.

Racers Mon 30-Jan-06 14:35:22

pepperpots he was quite abusive too, so he deserved it. I think I would have had him clamped though (assuming that is store policy) - hit him where it hurts ie his wallet arf!

pepperpots Mon 30-Jan-06 14:38:33

That would have been the logical thing to do ie go in to the store and tell customer services but i couldnt be arsed having to find another space so i thought right..... and parked my car right up the back of his i wasnt blocking anyone else and he damn sure wasnt going anywhere till i moved lol!

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