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Help needed find a boy's name

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lucy123 Tue 18-Nov-03 14:42:48

I know we've covered this before, but I'm still stuck, so I thought I'd start a parallel thread to Ghosty's

names I kind of have in mind...


I'm kind of constrained by the fact that the name has to work in Spanish (although I don't mind if he has an English given name as long as I like the equivalent in Spanish). Cameron obviously is not Spanish, but apparently there is a famous Flamenco singer with that name.

Also I have a thing about family names (as ds will have dp's surname) so the name has to work well with Robert, David, or William as a middle name. Actually I would like Albert or Kenneth as a middle name but dp is against this.

Oh yes, Joseph is another possibility (Jose or Pepe in Spanish).

But I'm stuck!

lazyeye Tue 18-Nov-03 14:45:54

I think boys names are much more limited.

My 2 are Billy & Jake and Jake was unnamed for a week or so. Billy is very much Billy and not William.

Others we thought of

Joe, Alfie

My friend has Saul which is lovely I think. I also know a Morgan and an Evan.

Good luck

motherinferior Tue 18-Nov-03 14:46:53

you can have Raphael or Reuben, which I've not used twice now!

lucy123 Tue 18-Nov-03 14:48:53

I also like names with a history/nice meaning. Dd was going to be Bethany, but the definition of that name is "a place near Jerusalem" - too many negative connotations at the moment! Likewise, I'm put off Cameron by the fact that it means "Crooked nose".

But I've just looked up kenneth. Apparently it's an anglicisation of CINÁED, does anyone know how to pronounce that?

lucy123 Tue 18-Nov-03 14:50:51

hmm. Morgan is nice, but the surname begins with an M, and it sounds a bit odd!

Raphael, maybe...

M2T Tue 18-Nov-03 15:03:46

My ds is called Toby.

I also love:

Lewis (Isle of Lewis spelling)
and Robin.

zebra Tue 18-Nov-03 15:10:47

Antonio, Marco, Tomas, Daniel, Mario, Alejandro, Oscar, Victor, Pedro, Ramon, Carlos, Eduardo, Gilberto -- and all their English equivalents. David is a good bet, nice name in both languages.

I don't understand people on the other thread praising Dolores -- it means "aches and pains"!

janh Tue 18-Nov-03 15:18:10

Rejecting Inigo then, are we, Lucy?

re CINÁED - from my ever-so-useful website:

CINÁED m Scottish
Means "born of fire" in Gaelic. This was the name of the first king of the Scots and Picts (9th century). It is often Anglicized as Kenneth.

Doesn't help with pronunciation though and I'm not sure "born of fire" is a recommendation!

I don't know how Scottish Gaelic differs from Irish but Sinead is pronounced Shinade so maybe Cinaed is something like Kinathe?

Twinkie Tue 18-Nov-03 15:18:38

Message withdrawn

janh Tue 18-Nov-03 15:20:22

PS this is the list of Spanish language names.

lucy123 Tue 18-Nov-03 15:30:58

Sorry, Jan - didn't like the Spanish form of Inigo!

Dominic - perhaps. Or maybe the Spanish form - Domingo. Means Sunday in Spanish (or "of the lord" ) so maybe I'll wait and see what day of the week he's born on!

SoupDragon Tue 18-Nov-03 15:48:38

I think Cinead may be Kennay if I understand another website properly.

charlize Tue 18-Nov-03 16:37:18

How about Roman or Jude, oR Deacon.

Frenchgirl Tue 18-Nov-03 16:48:41

How about Martin, Samuel (Sam), John?

codswallop Tue 18-Nov-03 17:00:22

Charles - he can be carlos - once knew a dishy dentist improbably known as carlos

dinosaur Tue 18-Nov-03 17:01:45

I was going to say Francis or Frankie but I guess you probably don't want a Franco...

zebra Tue 18-Nov-03 17:03:33

Francisco, which is Kiko for short in Spanish, but I don't know any blokes who would name their sons Francis -- what about Franklin, though?

zebra Tue 18-Nov-03 17:04:15

Francisco, which is Kiko ("Kee-ko" for short in Spanish, but I don't know any blokes who would name their son Francis -- what about Franklin, though?

lucy123 Tue 18-Nov-03 17:04:56

Charlie is nice! (well, charles/carlito as the Andalucians would undoubtedly call him). I do think it's a good thing to have a Sunday name and a pet name - gives the kid some choice when he gets older.

dinosaur - I had thought about Francis, but yes, Franco is not such a good name!

lucy123 Tue 18-Nov-03 17:11:46

thanks Zebra - didn't know that!

CnR Tue 18-Nov-03 17:40:41

Not sure about the spanish connections but here are some we had considered:

Oiver, Jospeh, Samuel, Harry, Thomas,

Sari Tue 18-Nov-03 17:44:04

Careful (!) I've got a Franco ... It's a middle name and is from a cult South American comic thingy my ds was really into. Actually, I think it's a really nice name in its own right in Spanish and I know another little boy called Franco too.

Dh is Luis - you might want to bear in mind that it doesn't work at all in English. He's always called Louise, Lewis or Louis.

Sari Tue 18-Nov-03 18:03:22

Daniel and Leo work well in both languages. Ds2 (the one with Franco as a middle name) is Oliver and everyone can manage that in Spanish but we made the mistake of calling ds1 Jake and that is just disastrous for Spanish speakers. He ends up being called Shay! Or they use his middle name, Hector (meant to be pronounced without H).

Ghosty Tue 18-Nov-03 19:06:52

Lucy ... it is hard isn't it? I know what you meant about it fitting with Spanish ... I have the same problem with the Kiwi accent and names ... !
What about Ben?

codswallop Tue 18-Nov-03 19:22:01

I am very pleased with my charles - middle name richard

Yours could be Carlito Ricardo - fantastico!

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