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***PRODUCT REQUEST THREAD**** especially for MNers in countries where than cannot buy the things they crave!

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SleepyJess Tue 24-Jan-06 18:23:32

Thought that the MNers with English cravings (or, obviously, the other way around, eg, an Amercian Mner in Britain, craving erm.. Hershey bars or whatever they're called..).. could post their cravings/wants/needs/desires on here... and that those of us willing and able could send them a portion/pot/bundle/box/jar/bag of what they desire!

Wasn't thinking of money changing hands.. just thought we could send the items in the usual MN spirit of sisterhood.. as we do.. (eg.. I wanted to send Pip some Marmite but Hasfrau said not to.. something to do with serial killers.. .. so I won't...)

SJ x

Frenchgirl Tue 24-Jan-06 18:24:16

What a lovely idea, very MN!!

Frenchgirl Tue 24-Jan-06 18:25:05

<starts compiling long expensive list>

SleepyJess Tue 24-Jan-06 18:26:49

Go for it Frenchgirl!

starlover Tue 24-Jan-06 18:28:02

oooh well if anyone in AUSTRALIA wants to send me some DARRYL LEA liquorice they're more than welcome!

either black cats, or soft eating

noddyholder Tue 24-Jan-06 18:28:11

Can I have some dulce from northern ireland?

HRHQueenOfQuelNoel Tue 24-Jan-06 18:32:51

well my is a bit daft - and highly unlikely as I know we have very few (if any??) MN'ers in Zimbabwe, and not sure how many of these are available in other parts of Southern Africa.

"Simba" Crisps - Chutney Flavoured
Cheese NikNaks
Tex Bar (not Texan - those who are there will know what I mean) - DH loves them

kalex Tue 24-Jan-06 18:34:51

Oh love Cheese Nik naks, there just not the same here

Pixiefish Tue 24-Jan-06 18:34:57

Lovely idea and would happily post something from Wales (North so no lava bread) to someone abroad

HRHQueenOfQuelNoel Tue 24-Jan-06 18:36:33

kalex - where are you from/where are you now.

I know you can get Cheese NikNaks here - but they're cr*p.

HRHQueenOfQuelNoel Tue 24-Jan-06 18:37:44

ooo - and how could I forget

"Eet Sum Mor" Biscuits (yes that really is what they're called) very "moreish"

ggglimpopo Tue 24-Jan-06 18:41:27

Message withdrawn

noddyholder Tue 24-Jan-06 18:42:14

what are they?

ggglimpopo Tue 24-Jan-06 18:42:33

Message withdrawn

HRHQueenOfQuelNoel Tue 24-Jan-06 18:42:45

actually scrap those requests - I've just realised you can buy them (the genuine article) from here !

Now when do I get payed..........

Frenchgirl Tue 24-Jan-06 18:42:48


Frenchgirl Tue 24-Jan-06 18:49:12

les canneles

ggglimpopo Tue 24-Jan-06 18:49:18

Message withdrawn

Frenchgirl Tue 24-Jan-06 18:49:59

great minds and all that

ggglimpopo Tue 24-Jan-06 18:52:09

Message withdrawn

Aero Tue 24-Jan-06 18:52:37

I have some cheese Nik-naks in my cupboard QoQ, brought over recently by mil from CapeTown - would they do, or are SA ones different from Zim ones? They're yours if you'd like them - only got one pkt left and would save kids fighting over them!

Must remind her to bring fizz pops next time!

MarsOnLife Tue 24-Jan-06 18:53:19

ggg.... I'll send you some crumpets if you like!

ggglimpopo Tue 24-Jan-06 18:56:50

Message withdrawn

Frenchgirl Tue 24-Jan-06 19:01:10

too slow, was going to offer my services ggg!
I'll send you the next order if you like!

Cadmum Tue 24-Jan-06 19:05:09

I am currently in the US but still have regular access to Canada if anyone is missing something from North America.

My children miss Penguins and I actually miss all non GM foods and food without many e-numbers.

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