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update on my kiddicare/pushchair saga! can they do this?

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starlover Wed 18-Jan-06 20:20:44

ok so finally got a vaguely sensical answer from kiddicare about my broken pushchair.
they want to pick it up to inspect it, and then hopefully carry out repairs. this is fine.

what i am worried about is that i have to sign a form which basically says that if they decide the damage is due to misuse or wear and tear then i HAVE to pay the following charges:
admin and handling £25
return charge £19.50
repair charges TBC

so, if they decide that i have misused it (which i haven't!) or that it is just not a manufacturing fault then i could end up paying a ton of money to them!

flutterbee Wed 18-Jan-06 20:27:20

No this is disgusting, I would refuse to sign anything at all and if they still refuse to look at the item without you signing tell them that you are going to contact trading standards.

This is just Damn bullying.

I can't stand Kiddiecare

starlover Wed 18-Jan-06 20:40:13

i can understand why they do it... but i am just scared that they will just say it's my fault, when it isn't...

argh, i just want it sorted

MerlinsBeard Wed 18-Jan-06 20:41:47

is this the trolley that u got from someone here who got it from ebay or is that someone else?

LIZS Wed 18-Jan-06 20:42:01

no that is not on, it is under guarantee, unless you agreed to this inadvertently when you bought it. Can you contact Trading Standards and ask what they might believe to be reasonable. you may have additioanl rights havign bought over the internet. I would suggest an inspection should be free but tbh it might be cheaper to find a local repairer if you can't negotiate.

starlover Wed 18-Jan-06 20:42:05

Please note by allowing us to collect your product you are agreeing to make payment of our charges upon request; should the problem be deemed as a non-manufacturing fault, customer misuse or general ware and tear.

Once we have inspected your product we will carry out any repairs that we deem necessary, we will then retain your product awaiting payment for a maximum of 3mths starting from the date of collection, should payment not be made we reserve the right to sell the product to recover our charges, you will be notified of the sale date and the total amount recovered. This does not affect your statutory rights.

teabelly Wed 18-Jan-06 20:43:10

That's appalling, and unfortunately they're not the only ones - we had a similar terms and conditions senario regarding a dvd. I'm don't think that it's illegal for them to state this but your consumer rights may make these terms invalid anyway...sorry I haven't followed the 'saga' - when did you get the buggy and what happened? (sorry if everyone else knows this already )

starlover Wed 18-Jan-06 20:49:39

teabelly, we got the pushchair less than 6 months ago (beginning of august last year)
it has a weird steering mechanism which can be locked/unlocked with a big switch on the front.

for a while it has been locking by itself... and then a week or so ago i heard a clanking and a bar was hanging down underneath it!

so i turned it upside down and discovered that a rivet had sheared off (so not even just a screw which could be replaced by us)
and also there is another bit which is hanging loose which i THINK something has fallen off of!!!

i am not sure that it will be classed as a manufacturing fault, so does that mean kiddicare will charge me?
it certainly hasn't been misused, just walked around town really. and i don't think it can be classed as general wear and tear as i've not even had it 6 months! but am worried that they will say it is just so they don't have to pay for it

teabelly Wed 18-Jan-06 20:58:49

And I take it that you haven't had a buggy board or anything like that attached as they often say this invalidates any guarantees??

I would agree with LIZS it should still be well within the guarantee period - what make is it, maybe you could speak directly with the manufacturer - I'm sure they'd be appalled to hear how a distributor was behaving??

starlover Wed 18-Jan-06 21:00:49

nope, it's had nothing attached to it at all.
kiddicare say they guarantee everything for 6 months, so we're just within that.

dp is going to phone them tomorrow and see if he can sort something out.

starlover Wed 18-Jan-06 21:01:16

glad i am not overreacting though and that other people think it's not on!

teabelly Wed 18-Jan-06 21:04:46

Oh definitely not over-reacting, and do call the manufacturer if poss, afterall it's their good name too - and obviously a serious design/manufacturing fault - imagine if it had been a supporting rod and babe had fallen out - stress that too nothing like abit of scarmongering to get someone to look into a problem pronto!

NannyL Wed 18-Jan-06 21:05:36


on you last post i told you about our 15 month old MacClaren that broke (that mothercare wanted US to pay to send back, but i eventually got my full money back!)

Anyway I am the only person to have used this buggy. It was literally used in shopping centres, and very occasionaly on the smoothest flattest pavements! (Also had a 'pram' a pushchair, a 3 wheeler etc so it really was hardly used!)

I know it was used correctly, and it broke when he only weighed about 12kg max so he wasnt exactly a heavy todddler.

Anyway MacClaren could "tell" that this buggy had been misused (apparently)... all i can say is i KNOW it had NOT!!!!

BTW the bit of metal about 2 inches above where the front wheel starts literally just snapped off while mi was walking along the pavemnt leaving a VERY sharp edge right next to little ones leg, + buggy was tring to fold and it took Daddy AND me to get him out without making a HUGE cut in his leg

LIZS Wed 18-Jan-06 21:09:44

sl, what about contacting Hauck/I'coo (it is one isn't it ?) to see if it is a common problem and what they suggest. Your contract is with Kiddiecare but having something from the manufacturer might help. Also check what your "Statutory rights" may be before your dp rings.

starlover Wed 18-Jan-06 21:17:28

nannyl... that's exactly what i'm scared of! that they will say i have misused it or something and because i have let them collect it i have "agreed" to pay the charges.

will get dp to ring trading standards too, before he calls them...

lizs, yes they're one and the same... will try them depending on outcome from kiddicare tomorrow!

spacecadet Wed 18-Jan-06 21:27:16

starlover, they are trying to pull a fast one like they did with me, I havent touched them since the trouble I had with them.its up to them to prove it has been mistreated and at the end of the day as its within the 6 month period they should be repairing it with minimum fuss.they are crafty though as i notice that on their garauntee they state that use of a buggy board, invalidates it, how convenient.

clo1 Sun 13-Sep-09 13:14:30

You shouldnt be able to use a buggy board on any pram, unless its designed by the specifice manufaturer of the pram you have. They can bend the chasis with the added weight....i agree that it should invalidate the warranty. Most prams are not made for the use of buggy boards

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