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Childrens parties, advice?

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breeze Fri 14-Nov-03 11:30:44

Right I am having a birthday party for my son tonight, it for all of his playschool friends. I gave out the invites 3 weeks ago and most people have RSVP as stated. A few people have not got back to me, they do different days so can not now ask. In your experience do people actually turn up in they have not RSVP'd, we are having it out at a place for kids parties and have to pay per head etc, I also have 12 coming at the moment which is a nice number as the party bags treats came in 4, 6 or 12. I now have 12 bags all ready, but what if they turn up at the last minute, I mean I do not want them to go without just because there parents have not got back to me, but I dont therefore want to speak more money for stuff that might not be used.

Please advise.

if you read my other party thread, I wonder why I bother

Jimjams Fri 14-Nov-03 11:34:42

Do you have their numbers? Can you ring them? People are so rude!

kayleigh Fri 14-Nov-03 11:35:42

In my expierence if they don't RSVP they aren't coming. Think it's bloody rude not to RSVP, and very annoying for the party planner.
I would just have a few extra mini choc bars spare and if anyone unexpected turns up wrap them up in a serviette or something for them to take home.

Good luck with the party and hope your ds enjoys himself.

Slinky Fri 14-Nov-03 11:53:10

My DD2 had a party a few weeks back - all replied apart from 2. Chased them up through nursery.

One turned up on the day, and the other 1 didn't. I have not heard a word from parents at all. It's sooo bloody rude - and now DD2 asks why "L" didn't come to her party - and I don't know myself!!

On speaking to other parents at the nursery - it wasn't the first time the girl's parents haven't bothered replying and not turning up.

breeze Fri 14-Nov-03 11:55:54

Thanks, last year someone turned up late and didn't even bring a card or a pressie, she said I forgot I will bring it on Monday and then spent the next few weeks avoiding me.

Jaybee Fri 14-Nov-03 12:26:47

This infuriates me but I have had some people who don't respond and don't turn up and I have had some that don't respond and do turn up (even had one that did respond as coming then just didn't turn up) - I try and keep it in my mind that maybe they didn't receive the invite in the first place or maybe the child mislaid the response. Now whenever mine receive an invite I make a note of their phone number, then I can contact them if necessary in the future. I think I would prepare a few extra bags just in case.

suedonim Fri 14-Nov-03 12:40:45

I would assume that no reply = no show and would say so, if they then turned up. But invites do go AWOL. Dd produced an invite at 8pm one evening last week for a party the next day, eek! I did phone and apologise profusely, though.

batey Mon 17-Nov-03 07:01:25

How did it go?? Any suprise invitees?

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