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Complete saddo R2 question...

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batey Thu 13-Nov-03 18:40:38

... but who was the mystery voice who said "Coming in just a little bit later" on Stuart Mc Connies (sp?) show. Just realised they've moved on to a new voice a didn't hear the going on the other one. Anyone know??

suedonim Thu 13-Nov-03 18:58:49

Tonya/Tanya Harding, the ice dancer skater person.

batey Thu 13-Nov-03 19:03:55

Cheers, can't say i really know who she is though!?

janh Thu 13-Nov-03 19:28:02

Is she the one who beat up another one?

dinosaur Thu 13-Nov-03 19:28:59

yes...or at least, I think it was her boyfriend who did the beating up, wasn't it

janh Thu 13-Nov-03 19:56:17

Yep, I googled it, they broke her knees with a baseball bat or something so she wouldn't beat Tonya in the Olympics. Nice. (She knew nothing about it of course. Allegedly.)

turnupthebass Thu 13-Nov-03 20:35:13

Thanks! It may be sad but I was wondering too. I heard the John Sargeant one that followed but missed that one - been bugging me!

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