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my pushchair is broken... kiddicare NOT being very helpful

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starlover Mon 16-Jan-06 21:03:37

i can't find any info about my rights if a product breaks.
I have looked up the sale of goods act which specifie what i am entitled to if they sold me faulty goods... but can't find anything on what happens if it breaks after purchase...

i keep e-mailing kiddicare and getting no reply. then they say that i haven't mailed them etc etc etc
i paid a lot of money for my pushchair and can't really be without it... but they seem to be digging their heels.
they say they guarantee products for 6 months after purchase which will be beginning of feb, so i THINK that they are trying to drag it out until the 6 months is up...

what can i do????

mummytosteven Mon 16-Jan-06 21:04:57

what you want is the provision in the sale of goods act about goods being "fit for the purpose" for which they were sold.

Flossam Mon 16-Jan-06 21:05:37

Sorry SL no help here. Did you manage to have your meet today though? Hope you all had a lovely time.

starlover Mon 16-Jan-06 21:06:05

yeah but it was fit for purpose when i bought it... but has since broken

LIZS Mon 16-Jan-06 21:07:04

Think there is something about it beign within a reasonable time . Will have a look....

spacecadet Mon 16-Jan-06 21:09:12

email then again and tell them that you will be contacting trading standards if you do not geta response from them,tell them that you have copies of the emails you sent them and point out that the pushchair broke before 6 months were up.
I had aproblem with apushchair from therte and had to fight to get it repaired, i did get get a repair eventually are not usually entitled to anything other than a repair if more than 28 days have lapsed since purchase unless the fault was apparent within 28 days from date of purchase.

spacecadet Mon 16-Jan-06 21:10:10

apologies for typos!

starlover Mon 16-Jan-06 21:10:50

yeah i have told them that i am willing to have it repaired... so that isn't a problem...
am a bit annoyed because dp was up in peterborough today but refused to go in and talk to them! grrr

coppertop Mon 16-Jan-06 21:11:59

Have you been able to speak to someone rather than relying on e-mail? I can give you the number for our local branch if you need it and they should be able to give you the right number.

starlover Mon 16-Jan-06 21:13:42

no, i have a bit of a phone "thing" but may have to bite the bullet if i don't get a reply from them soon!
or get dp to call them!

coppertop Mon 16-Jan-06 21:14:19

I think the P'boro' one (my local branch) is closed on a Monday anyway so your dp was probably saved a trip.

spacecadet Mon 16-Jan-06 21:14:27

when i had a prob with apushchair from peterborough kiddicare, the customer services number that i got to ring says in small print that they will charge you about apound a min!!!! this is because they prefer you to contact them via email, so if you ring the customer services line be prepared for a massive phone bill!

LIZS Mon 16-Jan-06 21:15:21

here . You would be deemed to have accepted the goods so if subsequently found faulty your rights are affected, so either 2 or 3 applies. However a breakage may not be treated the same as faulty but your rights under a guarantee are separate. Did you buy it on a credit card as that may give you insurance.

spacecadet Mon 16-Jan-06 21:15:38

peterborough nranch are shut on mondays and sundays.

starlover Mon 16-Jan-06 21:15:38

ooh thanks for that sc! maybe i won't call them then! lol

goos job i didn't insist on dp going over as well eh? he wouldn't have been best pleased

spacecadet Mon 16-Jan-06 21:16:48

not if he turned up to find it shut!

starlover Mon 16-Jan-06 21:18:28

still... he could've broken in and nicked me a new one! lol

NannyL Mon 16-Jan-06 21:19:43


the product was not of merchandisable quality Because it was NOT durable.

I had a probelm with a MaClaren from mothercare a few years back (my old charges)

anyway it was 15 months old (but hardly used at all, occasioanlly in indoor shopping cnetres thats it)(so out of MaClarens 12 month garentee) BUT i had a big arguement with them. and relied on SALE OF GOOD ACT, (1979) which is in addition to warentee.

At first they wanted US to pay for it to be sent back to MacClaren! I argued and argued and argued and eventually she agreed not to charge us to send it back mean while i happily let 2 year old play with all the displays get out all the shops toys etc...

the saga went on and on for ages (months!) and in the mean time they offered more and more from "free repair" to "free changing bag" to whole purchase price refunded so even tho the buggy had gone down from £89.99 to £49.99 we got the full £89.99 back.

This did take several letters / trips to motehrcare (and on all trips i let 2 year old touch ANYTHING he liked) but i got moeny back eventually.

Dont give up. You ARE entitled to at least a repair free of charge, tho given that it has not even lasted for 6 months i think i would fight hard for a refund!

Also we didnt even have receipt, just the fact that mothercare had stuck a sticker on tha back!

spacecadet Mon 16-Jan-06 21:19:58

,hope you get some response from them soon, i have to say, i dont think much to their after sales service tbh.

starlover Mon 16-Jan-06 21:22:03

yeah i definitely won't be buying anything else from them!
think i might pop into trading standards office tomorrow and see what they advise

spacecadet Mon 16-Jan-06 21:24:03

fwiw, kiddicare ignored my emails until i sent them one mentioning trading standards and then strangely they responded to me.

franke Mon 16-Jan-06 21:24:34

Try this site to find a non-premium rate number for them and then get dh to give 'em hell.

starlover Mon 16-Jan-06 21:25:28

sc funnily enough i was going to mention trading standards in my last mail, but then decided not to... hmmm

i suppose i should give them time to reply to this one first though! lol

spacecadet Mon 16-Jan-06 21:28:07

yes i suppose you have to give them one more chance..then send the stroppy email!

starlover Mon 16-Jan-06 21:32:16

btw, how are you feeling? i was going to get my friend to bring you some food round (he's in cambridge), he makes a mean curry... then thought it might be a bit odd..

there's this person onlien, i don't know her name or anything... but can you make her a curry? lol

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