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I need a suit of armour!

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lou33 Wed 12-Nov-03 16:51:15

Ds1 has a birthday in a couple of weeks, or failing that I need it for Christmas. He is DESPERATE for a suit of armour, and I haven't seen any around. Any ideas?

miranda2 Wed 12-Nov-03 16:56:47

Could you get someone to knit one in a thick silver thread?
Great Little trading co do swords and shields, but I haven't seen armour anywhere.

tamum Wed 12-Nov-03 16:57:25

Does it need to be, like, *real* armour? If not, would this be any good?

tamum Wed 12-Nov-03 16:58:20

Actually, just realised that's just for up to 7 and he may be older than that?

tamum Wed 12-Nov-03 16:59:23

Maybe here ? (ooh I do love a challenge!)

lou33 Wed 12-Nov-03 17:06:41

They look great Tamum, I'll show dh later. Ds is going to be 5 btw. I think he would prefer the plastic style armour, but this looks a good alternative.

janh Wed 12-Nov-03 17:13:13

Hello louise (I remembered!)

Have just spent several mad minutes trying google etc for this - haven't found any but am having a really silly time seeing what comes up (White Knight tumble dryers, body armour for hockey players and even a glam lady in a body - kelkoo helpfully added body armour to the search!)

No luck yet but will keep looking. Where have you tried? I know I have at times seen plastic suits of armour, or at least bits of suits, but goodness knows where.

addle Wed 12-Nov-03 17:14:02

The Museum of London has chain mail outfits in it shop and I'm pretty sure I've seen armour in English Heritage shops. hth

tamum Wed 12-Nov-03 17:16:35

There's this ; it's not armour, but at least it's hard!

tamum Wed 12-Nov-03 17:19:14

And finally some more here !

LIZS Wed 12-Nov-03 18:16:24

try Ikea. They certainly do a shield and sword plus a costume and tent castle.

sb34 Wed 12-Nov-03 18:19:50

Message withdrawn

lou33 Wed 12-Nov-03 20:10:10

Thanks everyone, especially the now knight obsessed Tamum! Plenty for me to look a,t and I will investigate M and S too!

Marina Wed 12-Nov-03 20:27:46

Lou, We just got a nice set including helmet, breastplate and shield, from Jo Jo Maman Bebe's website. It was £9.99 which I thought was OK and it is semi-rigid plastic. Just in case any of the other suggestions aren't suitable...

tamum Wed 12-Nov-03 20:29:41

Obsessed, moi?

Hope he has a lovely birthday, lou. It was my ds's 9th birthday today, I'm really wondering how that much time has managed to fly past without me noticing!

janh Wed 12-Nov-03 21:33:33

Louise, I've had a couple of suggestions from elsewhere:

1) Leeds Armouries has a shop, the website doesn't detail anything but you can email them:

2) This is a costume supplier - Pams of Gainsborough - might be able to supply more than just breastplate/helmet. Worth a try.

Also Hamleys, but I tried that and the website didn't come up with anything - but you could try ringing to see if they have any ideas?

Failing that, tamum's last couple of links look good - I like the black one!

codswallop Wed 12-Nov-03 21:34:14

Janh I will say it agin - youa re the Queen of sourcing

I was talking about you to another Mner today..

janh Wed 12-Nov-03 21:55:49

aw, thanks, coddy, blush, flutter

janh Mon 17-Nov-03 13:25:04

lou, did you get anything yet?

codswallop Mon 17-Nov-03 13:26:02

you see!! and you do follow up customer satisfaction ttype service!

lou33 Mon 17-Nov-03 13:33:18

Lol @ codster. No not yet Jan, but I have to get my finger out pronto, his birthday is in 10 days!

Have actually been organising a birthday party for dd2, who will be 7 in a month.

I'm off to Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth now to have a look as well (outlet centre, yipee!)

janh Mon 17-Nov-03 13:54:37

coddy, are you stalking me?

Maybe I should set up my ow website. What shall I sell?

janh Mon 17-Nov-03 13:59:20

lou, I have close-together birthdays too, 3 in 2 weeks in fact, life used to get very complicated! Have a nice time shopping anyway.

whymummy Mon 17-Nov-03 14:02:13

tamum i got a purple medieval princess outfit from your childrenssalon link,i ordered it wed night and arrived friday morning,is great!!

lou33 Mon 17-Nov-03 19:08:13

No suits of armour, but got a few Christmas pressies for for dd1 and ds2.

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