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i am a sad sad person

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madgirl Wed 12-Nov-03 15:25:20

because i am posting a message about replacement windows. we moved into a new house a month ago, and love it apart from the traffic from the road being quite a lot louder than we thought it would be. we can afford to do "something" about it - it appears we can either double glaze the bay downstairs but not upstairs (that might look a abit weird don't you think?) OR put in secondary in both top and bottom. question is - for noise pollution/sound insulation do you mumsnetters think secondary is as good as replacement windows, or better?? does anyone have any experience. we don't need to worry about warmth, it's just the traffic. thanks!

Twinkie Wed 12-Nov-03 15:27:01

Message withdrawn

madgirl Wed 12-Nov-03 15:30:57

south west london twinkie thanks

Norma Wed 12-Nov-03 15:32:34

Why not put the double glazing in upstairs. Sound echos upwards in streets so you probably need more soundproofing upstairs where you sleep.
Heat also rises, so you would trap it in the first floor and be all cosy in bed.

rivig Wed 12-Nov-03 15:58:00

secondary needs careful thought sometimes so you can easily open windows and doesn't look as neat as double BUT it gives you extra abilities ie can open up just secondary glass as months warm up if your house tends to heat up in the summer plus can stop wasps from coming into a room by closing secondary glazing and leaving outside window open so it can eventually escape! Just minor matters but they help I have found!

aloha Wed 12-Nov-03 16:21:09

I think it depends on what windows you have now and how old your house is - I personally hate to think of people replacing original wooden sash windows with UPVC which devalue their home. You can get double glazed wood sash window units. OTherwise thick, interlined curtains would reduce noise at night.

Twinkie Wed 12-Nov-03 16:23:04

Message withdrawn

aloha Wed 12-Nov-03 16:25:05

Just realised some might find that a bit rude... but it can reduce the the value of your home if it is old.

suedonim Wed 12-Nov-03 16:36:21

I think the wider the gap between the panes of glass, the better it is at deadening noise, so that might be soemthing to consider. Also, do check whether you need planning permission - if it's a requirement in your area and you don't have it, it can cause a lot of hassles if/when you next move house. We've BTDT even though the DG had been installed by the previous owners.

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