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Stupidly good offer at Boots

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bobthebaby Sun 09-Nov-03 22:54:17

I posted this on products, but nobody looked so here it is again in case anyone is interested.

My mum printed off a voucher with her Boots advantage card this week for 100 points if you buy certain cold and flu remedies. Calpol is included and reduced to 99p, so with the 100 bonus points and the 4 points you get for spending 99p you are 4p up and have the Calpol for "free". Also the machine let her print 7 vouchers, but she did have to keep going to different tills with her Strepsils etc. Not sure if everyone will get this voucher if they put their Advantage Card in, but worth a try.

charliecat Sun 09-Nov-03 22:58:29

I read your message this morning and put boots high on my list of things to do today! I did it with a bottle of calpol and the lady scanned the voucher but it didnt come up, i didnt get 100 extra points , but i needed the calpol anyway so it just means ive got some when i need it.

bobthebaby Tue 11-Nov-03 06:07:39

Oh dear Charliecat, maybe they spotted their mistake. Sorry to mislead you.

charliecat Tue 11-Nov-03 14:52:25

It worked today though with 99p beechams flu caspules! I even heard the assistants discussing it before i went to the till so they are aware of it. Maybe i got sugar free calpol or something. Its worth a try if your going to be using the product anyway isnt it!

bobthebaby Tue 11-Nov-03 19:47:23

Wahay! I think my mum has bought everything on the list just in case (well you might as well.)

naughtynoonoo Sat 15-Nov-03 17:51:58

talking about good offers, i stumbled upon these codes for Boots, plus if you shop before NOvember 18th you get triple points, so if you want to do it online try one of these codes (they will only allow you to use one code per shop):

MPGL74 - spend £50 and they'll give you 10% off and free standard delivery - valid until 30th November

BKAJ34 - earn 2000 extra advantage card points when you spend £100 - valid until 30 April

BFAJ98 - earn 1000 extra advantage card points when you spend £50 - valid until 30 April

robinw Sun 16-Nov-03 06:38:51

message withdrawn

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