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I was making a sock monkey and it went wrong, so so wrong...

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tabulahrasa Fri 23-Dec-11 19:47:30

I'm not an arty crafty person, so I expected it to be a bit wrong, but this takes it to a whole other level of wrongness.

It's for my 10 yr old nephew's Christmas confused I thought I'd finished it last night (bar the eyes), until I picked it up and looked at it.

Like I said, I'm not good at this stuff, but my nephew had asked me to make it after I'd made one at a class, for his birthday in September - I didn't have time and bless him he never even asked what had happened to it, so I thought, I'll do it for Christmas.

So, um, behold... The worst sock monkey ever blush

bluebump Fri 23-Dec-11 20:04:04

Haha grin that's brilliant!

VJayJingles Fri 23-Dec-11 20:04:05

Im crying with laughter here grin

openerofjars Fri 23-Dec-11 20:04:20

HOW much cooking sherry had you had? grin

SanTEEClaus Fri 23-Dec-11 20:04:39

OMG saddough, it could be the new MN bat!

CreamolaFoamless Fri 23-Dec-11 20:05:44

what a schlong!

how on earth did that happen? I like need to keep him

PPPop Fri 23-Dec-11 20:05:46

I can't stop laughing.

Dare you to wrap it up as it is.

BeerGrinchPotter Fri 23-Dec-11 20:06:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tabulahrasa Fri 23-Dec-11 20:07:27

Feel free to laugh as much as you want, I have been, I can't look at him without giggling...

I made the first one at a craft class that I started going to when DC were younger, it's a put your children in a creche, go make crafts and drink coffee in adult company type thing, it's been a running joke that I'm bad at the craft part, spectacularly bad, but even I didn't think I could get it this wrong, lol

mrsred Fri 23-Dec-11 20:09:41

Think it's brilliant, very funny and made me laugh out loud. Save until nephew is 16 and he will too find hilarious (maybe 14?)

CreamolaFoamless Fri 23-Dec-11 20:11:05

daft question but why are they called sock monkey's? Are they made from socks? confused

GooKingWenceslas Fri 23-Dec-11 20:11:46


QuietNinjaMincepie Fri 23-Dec-11 20:12:13

He'd be absolutely fine if he didn't have a tail like penis <snigger>

tabulahrasa Fri 23-Dec-11 20:12:15

Yes they're made from socks, new ones, well mine were...I suppose you could make one from an old pair hmm

agedknees Fri 23-Dec-11 20:12:55

Oh that is so funny. DH and I have not stopped laughing.

Unpick his face and put it on the right way and it will be lovely. It is made with loads of love and thats what counts.

tabulahrasa Fri 23-Dec-11 20:14:31

The thing is his tail just looked like a tail, till I sewed his face onto the wrong side, once I did that, well... suddenly all the purple bits just looked obscene confused

TidyDancer Fri 23-Dec-11 20:15:16

Hehe. I can't even pretend to be grown up when looking at your photo, he's too funny!

On the plus side, he looks rather well sewn together.



KatieScarlettsCrackers Fri 23-Dec-11 20:15:41

It's the Dirk Diggler of Sock Monkeys

<seriously crying with laughter>

yellowraincoat Fri 23-Dec-11 20:18:18

That's hilarious.

I teach English as a foreign language and this reminded me of the many many times I have tried to draw something on the board and it has come out looking like a penis. Normally when I try to illustrate a rocket/a bottle.

When my students just snigger, it's not so bad, it's when they look at me, utterly perplexed as to why I'm drawing a cock on the board.

bonkersLFDT20 Fri 23-Dec-11 20:18:42

Never mind the cock monkey...those cards are NEVER going to get there on time are they?!

tabulahrasa Fri 23-Dec-11 20:19:50

lol, the cards are for neighbours, I just need to send my small people round with them tomorrow

SparklyGingerbreadMuffin Fri 23-Dec-11 20:21:30

This reminds me of that primary school that had a class project to grow a cactus but it went a bit wrong

LittleWaveyLines Fri 23-Dec-11 20:21:34

I am actually crying with laughter - and DP insisted on seeing what I was laughing at as well.... he loved it! grin

Raahh Fri 23-Dec-11 20:23:52

pmsl @'Dirk Diggler'

This has made my nightgrin

therugratref Fri 23-Dec-11 20:25:10

had to log in. this has made my day- actually crying with laughter......cock monkey ha ha ha ha

sunshineoutdoors Fri 23-Dec-11 20:25:44

I love it! Laughing out loud too!

I think you should put it on ebay and we can all bid on it, see how high the bids get

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