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GREAT XMAS IDEA (I think..?!)

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Jollymum Sat 08-Nov-03 12:34:54

I've just been clearing out my little one's room, because it was his birthday a couple of weeks ago. I've packaged up books, jigsaws, clothes etc for the charity shop and had an idea. Maybe Mumsnetters would like to do a toy swap between them? Obviously it depends on what people want, where you live etc. It might be different it's its your first little one and you have loads of things off relatives, like we were lucky enough to have and we have passed everything down to our others but some people really struggle at Xmas, especially if things are hard going. We were desperately looking for a kitchen for my little boy last year and quite by chance, a friend mentioned she was selling hers as her little girl had grown out of it. I bought it for £10 off her, which is what she wanted for it, and it was immaculate and she gave me loads of bits and bobs for it as well. If you're on a budget (like we are) and the kids want "big" presents, maybe we could advertise toys/ do swaps/ put things up for sale etc? I know this should go on the noticeboard really, but maybe the thread could transfer over if anyone is interested. I'm not sure how it would work re distances, places etc but I'm sure us mumsnetters can think of something. Well, that's my idea, back to trying to find the floor in my little girls room!!

Jollymum Sat 08-Nov-03 17:31:22

OK, why does it say there are two messages when mine is the ONLY ONE?!! Well, you all obviously think it's a crap idea so I'll take my flu snuffles (Ok, I'm not that bad really,) and slug off to the kitchen. I promised Dh yesterday I'd do beef bourg(OK I can't spell it, stew) and I'll have to do it now..) but I've just tried to go on E-bay with our crap slow computer and it's really pissed me off! I'm still clearing out cupboards and the house is a sh.t tip and tomorrow is another day... Oh well, back to the dust and screaming kids.I wonder if you can get high on Lemsip and red wine...?

tamum Sat 08-Nov-03 17:39:52

Jollymum, it sounds like a good idea in principle, but the problem would be postage I guess. If you're thinking in terms of big items like kitchens, people would have to live close enough for personal pick-up presumably? I don't know, maybe there are loads of mumsnetters living close enough to each other for this to work? My children have outgrown lots of stuff that's still in good condition; I've given lots away already but would gladly keep an eye on a "wanted" list to try and help.
It's a nice thought, I think that the chat section is just a bit quiet at weekends!

lucy123 Sat 08-Nov-03 17:40:47

I think its a good idea jollymum!

Its just I only have clothes to swap - dd is still into all her toys and there's a new one on the way (a boy) - so anyone for a fabulous collection of baby drsses in return for some baby boy's clothes?

Postage to Spain is surprisingly reasonable.

ponytail Sat 08-Nov-03 19:34:54

Great idea, anyone live in West London ? Have a 2yr old girl who has outgrown alot of toys that are in immaculate condition !!

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