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Can anyone help me with HOTMAIL

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JoolsToo Tue 10-Jan-06 16:08:21

I registered a new email with hotmail yesterday and when I log in I get a page full of news but I only want to access my email and I can't see how to do it.

There are numerous tabs, one being 'MAIL' but it just takes me back to the news page - any ideas?

littlemissbossy Tue 10-Jan-06 16:09:42

On the top(ish) right you click on the hotmail box then log in with your password

JoolsToo Tue 10-Jan-06 16:12:48

I can log in as I have the log in page saved to favourites but once logges in I get a page headed

FREE Newsletters & Offers

then a load of adverts - I can see the 'logout' button but can't see how to get into email account - I'm very confused!

Tabs Tue 10-Jan-06 16:16:40

Is it asking you to set which info you want to be mailed by default? It may be that you can't access the account until you have set this up.

JoolsToo Tue 10-Jan-06 16:38:58

if I send myself an email it seems to go to email - it's the TODAY tab, but why doesn't it just go straight there - I don't want the other crap

Tabs Tue 10-Jan-06 16:51:42

If you want my advice I'd get yourself a gmail (run by the people who created google) account instead of hotmail! It's much more reliable and much easier to search for info within your mails.

I can send you an account invite if you have another e-mail address that I can send it to?

JoolsToo Tue 10-Jan-06 17:02:30

well I certainly don't like hotmail very much! thanks for you help, I may just forget it and stick with what I've got!

Tabs Tue 10-Jan-06 17:09:15

No probs. Just CAT me anytime if you decide that you do want a gmail one.

iota Tue 10-Jan-06 17:11:37

yahoo mail is free and easy to use - I had no end of problems setting up a hotmail a/c and ave up in teh end

infosubedi09 Mon 28-Mar-16 07:49:26

Hello friend,

Recently Microsoft has changed it brand Name from Hotmail to Outlook. To access the hotmail inbox you must access Hotmail home page. click here to get Login Page. is the official website of Microsoft, which automatically re-direct you to your Inbox.
Thank You! smile

SilkandSteel Fri 08-Apr-16 19:17:42

As this thread is now 10 years old I should think they have probably got it sorted by now

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