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Christmas presents for older relatives

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Freddiecat Fri 07-Nov-03 17:10:47

I have just had a brilliant idea for Christmas presents for older relatives, grandparents etc. who tend to tell you not to bother (but you WANT to bother and know they'd be upset if you didn't).

Royal Mail have a service where they will print photos onto stamps. Go to the royal mail \link{}\website and find the Smilers advert. You can either post them or upload a jpeg and they attach it to a picture on a stamp. It's £14.95 for, I think, 20 stamps.

Both of my grandmothers are always posting letters to their friends etc and I know would LOVE to be able to post a nice little picture of their great-grandson as well! PLUS - given that children are always changing can do this every year!

Freddiecat Fri 07-Nov-03 17:12:13

Hmm - no instructions on links on "create conversation" so I'll have another go:

royal mail website

Davros Fri 07-Nov-03 23:42:05

I can vouch for how easy and efficient this service is. I've got some lovely ones of my son but I hardly use them as I tucked them away for special and I forget I've got them. Will get them out now and start to think of some new ones.

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