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Urgent question re: Boots pregnancy test

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cranberryjampots Sun 08-Jan-06 11:22:32

My pal has just telephoned me in a panic. She has done a Boots test and in the oval window she gets a definite vertical line. In the second window she gets a horizontal line. She has discarded the packaging - Is she negative?

fairydust Sun 08-Jan-06 11:23:43

i'd say any line in the second window is a positive - all the ones i've done in the pass have to have a line in the second window to be pregnant.

coppertop Sun 08-Jan-06 11:23:44

I think so. IIRC there needs to be a cross (plus sign) in the 2nd window for a positive.

cranberryjampots Sun 08-Jan-06 11:25:02

logically i would think she was neg ( - sign) and presumably if positive the vertical line would appear too.

carly82 Sun 08-Jan-06 11:30:45

boots test i done was v similar to a clearblu where there are two windows and in one a horizontal line and one line either a minus (neg) or plus (pos0 hth

peepee Sun 08-Jan-06 12:29:02

Just checked the boots box.........

First window is square
Second is oval

If a cross appears in the first window and a vertical line in the oval, test is POSITIVE.

If a horizontal line appears in first window and vertical in the oval, test is NEGATIVE.

Your freinds test result is NEGATIVE.

cranberryjampots Sun 08-Jan-06 12:51:02

thanks ladies - ive told her and she is most relieved!

Abibarbiegirl97 Tue 18-Apr-17 14:04:34

So I had my period last week Monday 03/04/17 and it went on Saturday 09/04/17. I then had unprotected sex with my boyfriend 13/04/17 around 6-7pm and he came in me. I went to the pharmacy the next day at 9am to take morning after pill (Leveonelle) and a few minutes later I started getting cramps and slightly headache. Since yesterday 18/04/17 I've been having itchy nipples, cramps and frequently urinating but small amount. I'm getting my next period in like 2 weeks. I'm wondering if it's the symptoms from the pill or early pregnancy signs. Ps: I don't know when I ovulate

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