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anyone want to chat???

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laurenholly Mon 02-Jan-06 22:41:07


anyone want to chat im sooo board

laurenholly Mon 02-Jan-06 22:46:48

hellllllllllooo anyone there???

Dior Mon 02-Jan-06 22:48:44

Message withdrawn

spacedonkey Mon 02-Jan-06 22:50:03

dior, dior how are you?!

Dior Mon 02-Jan-06 22:51:26

Message withdrawn

laurenholly Mon 02-Jan-06 23:04:57

i know theres loads of tread but if i do talk no-one ever talks back to me

Dior Mon 02-Jan-06 23:06:17

Message withdrawn

georginars Mon 02-Jan-06 23:06:28

thankyou for saying you liked my DD's name!
I'm off to bed in a mo though - must not stay up late on the internet tonight, it's very bad

georginars Mon 02-Jan-06 23:07:12

yes you do have to be persistent. I get ignored loads and kill lots of threads, trying not to take it personally

Mytwopenceworth Mon 02-Jan-06 23:07:54

hi im around - bad typing tonight as ds2 is asleep in my bed so the lights are off and i cant see the keyboard!

GoodKingWestCountryLass Mon 02-Jan-06 23:10:09

I think only WW and LonelyMum reply to me, probably cos they feel sorry for me!

laurenholly Mon 02-Jan-06 23:12:02

anyway i know i asked to talk but im now off 2 bed will be on tomorrow

night everyone

Mytwopenceworth Mon 02-Jan-06 23:12:30

i talk to everyone!! sometimes i even search down a thread and type to everyone by name cos i dont want anyone to feel left out!

2pinkshoes Mon 02-Jan-06 23:16:22

hi, we'll all chat to you, what do you want to chat about? how come bored?

2pinkshoes Mon 02-Jan-06 23:22:02

sorry laurenholly just realised am probably talking to myself now, oops!, but promise to chat some other time if dd allows!

laurenholly Tue 03-Jan-06 21:39:13

hi 2pinkshoes im online now if you want to chat now?

2pinkshoes Tue 03-Jan-06 22:17:07

hi laurenholly, am on line now too. hows things?

laurenholly Tue 03-Jan-06 22:23:14

ok thanks apart from being board like i always am
i take it with the name you have a girl/girls?

laurenholly Tue 03-Jan-06 22:31:56

2pinkshoes you still there???

2pinkshoes Tue 03-Jan-06 22:37:25

yeah sorry! old boss just rang to sort out meeting about me returning to work in feb, bit wierd, am scared!

2pinkshoes Tue 03-Jan-06 22:38:58

yeah we've got a girl, 3 months old, mostly an angel but wont sleep much. how about you?

laurenholly Tue 03-Jan-06 22:39:30

oh ok then thought you gone off line
how many children u got
i have lauren whos 3 and holly whos 1
you got msn messenger?

laurenholly Tue 03-Jan-06 22:40:07

aww i remember when mine were that age they grow up soo quick whats her name?

laurenholly Tue 03-Jan-06 22:41:30

iv got loads of baby girls clothes for sale if intresed?

2pinkshoes Tue 03-Jan-06 22:42:21

no cause on btbroadband so cant have messenger cause of bt messenger thing. rubbish!
gorgeous girls names, we thought about holly right at the beginning. ended up with evelina, evie for short though!

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