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Emergency Cooking Query

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GeorginaA Sun 02-Nov-03 17:49:38

Help! Run out of plain flour and need to make yorkshire puds... if I substitute self-raising flour will it all go horribly horribly wrong? Or will they just touch the ceiling of the oven by the time I take them out

jampot Sun 02-Nov-03 17:53:38

Sorry! I use Aunt Bessie's everytime!

Spod Sun 02-Nov-03 18:07:53

think they turn out like pancakes! but would it work if you added a tad of salt and some baking powder?? i'm not sure??? but for some reason thats in my mind??? worth a try!

GeorginaA Sun 02-Nov-03 18:08:44

I thought the baking powder was if you had to sub plain for self-raising rather than the other way around? Oh well, I'll let you know how they turn out

CP Sun 02-Nov-03 18:09:47

Last time I substituted self-raising for normal flour whatever I was making tasted AWFUL!!! Are you near a shop that you could shoot out to to grab a bag of flour?

LIZS Sun 02-Nov-03 18:11:29

Oooh Spod, not so sure. Can't get SR flour here so use a bit of baking powder with plain to make cakes etc rise - fear the yorkshires might explode with more raising agent

Good luck GeorginaA

GeorginaA Sun 02-Nov-03 18:12:24

We're near a Tescos - but they shut hours ago... too late now anyway - in the oven (why do I never check I have the ingredients BEFORE I start cooking?!)

CP Sun 02-Nov-03 18:13:03

Good luck - let us know how it goes.

dinosaur Sun 02-Nov-03 18:19:44

I've got a cooking question too - if you make chicken casserole with chicken pieces which are on the bone, is it okay to refrigerate it for 24 hours and then reheat it? Or do you have to take the chicken off the bones before you refrigerate it?

Tillysmummy Sun 02-Nov-03 18:21:37

Dinosaur, I think it's ok to refrigerate it. I have done this in the past. Just as long as you heat it properly. God hope you don't get food poisoning now i've said that

Spod Sun 02-Nov-03 18:59:58

oh tits!! sorry georginaa... LIZS is right... shouldnt add more raising agent to self raising.... i read your post too quickly and thouht you only had plain flour, not that you wanted plain flour... sleepless night... sorry.... hope they havent exploded inyour oven!!!!

GeorginaA Sun 02-Nov-03 19:11:13

LOL... I didn't add baking powder, that's okay

Hmm, they weren't the best yorkshires I've ever made that's for sure. For some reason they were a lot flatter than usual (they rose very quickly during cooking then collapsed and went all soggy in the middle). They were just about edible though as long as plastered in gravy and horseradish, so not a complete disaster

Thanks for the quick advice folks!

dinosaur Sun 02-Nov-03 20:38:30

don't worry tillysmummy - I decided not to make it tonight - I'd rather look at Mumsnet instead :0

charly Sun 02-Nov-03 20:54:47

tip - follow your usual recipe but add an extra egg white - dh recipe not mine! Men have some use after all!

charly Sun 02-Nov-03 20:57:56

god - I sound sooo sad!
apologies - finding any distraction to avoid ironing and work

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