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Heather Mills has a daughter

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lilibet Fri 31-Oct-03 15:02:48

Beatrice Milly - both well, suppose we should keep an eye on the birth announcement threads!

alibubbles Fri 31-Oct-03 15:16:57

My aunt is named Beatrice, but everyone calls her Billy, so the McCartney baby could be Billy Milly!

kando Fri 31-Oct-03 15:29:49

Was I the only one to hear that Paul and Heather had had a baby boy? I'm sure I heard on the news earlier this week "he" was born on 28th(?) October. (Obviously now know it's a girl, but thought for a moment I was going mad!) Lovely news whatever though, and baby is a good size for being 3 weeks early too.

dinosaur Fri 31-Oct-03 15:31:32

It was in the paper this morning - the Daily Mirror got it wrong and loads of other newspapers, press agencies etc picked it up wrong from them!

pie Fri 31-Oct-03 15:33:55

There is a link to the guardian about the boy/girl report fiasco here .

Piers Morgan actually suggests that the McCartneys are deliberately messing the press around in an attempt to make him look less stupid!!

FineVintage Fri 31-Oct-03 16:13:54

I put a link up to this yesterday. My thread was called "I know you'll all be thrilled about this...."

lilibet Fri 31-Oct-03 16:22:12

I know, sorry Fine Vintage! I did a search but did it with Heather Mills as a subject line and nothing came up.

FineVintage Fri 31-Oct-03 16:22:48

S'ok. I guess it was a bit of a bizarre title

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