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Need help with how to deal with boss asap!!

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EMJ Fri 31-Oct-03 13:01:58

Handed my notice in on Tuesday, have been here just over a year. Checked contract and they hadn't stated how long I had to give them.

Want to start my new job on 10th, but boss has said he wants me to work upto the 30th.

Do I have to do this?? Or because they haven't put it in my contract can I get away with leaving next Fri.

Need help fact, boss will be back in a bit.

PS. Only just found this site, computer at home broken, so hopefully will be able to take advantage of new boss's computer, only joking.

A big thanks to all the support that I have had from you as well.

FairyMum Fri 31-Oct-03 13:05:08

I am only guessing (sorry), but I would think if it isn't in the contract, then it isn't legally binding for you. You haven't actually signed anything agreeing to work a notice period. I would think you could walk out the door right now.....

EMJ Fri 31-Oct-03 13:06:16

Might just have to do that.

He's a bit of a shouter, had me in tears a couple of time.

Imagine what he's going to be like when I drop this one on him in a bit.

Feel sick.

katierocket Fri 31-Oct-03 13:10:50


found this on bbc website

How much notice do you have to give your employer?

The only statutory minimum notice an employee is required to give an employer is one week’s notice after one month’s employment.

Since many employers will want to receive more notice from an employee who wishes to leave, they will usually state a longer period of notice in the employee’s contract.

I guess if it's not in your contract you don't have to give it.

Be strong and don't let him pick on you

EMJ Fri 31-Oct-03 13:13:30

cheers katierocket.

He will be back soon, so if you don't hear from me today will try and post on Monday, from wherever.

Will try and be strong, not going to let him make me cry again tho. Felt a right idiot.

Just heard his car, he's back!!!!!!!!!!!!

coppertop Fri 31-Oct-03 13:15:13

Good luck!

marialuisa Fri 31-Oct-03 13:18:20

Hope things go ok for you. If he shouts, leave now!!

EMJ Fri 31-Oct-03 14:36:33

Oh my god!!!!

He has threatened me with solicitors. Something I don't need. When I said it wasn't in my contract that I had to work four weeks he went mad.

Has now locked himself in an office downstairs and has been on the phone since then..

So angry, should have just walked but want to see what he has got to say for himself!

CountessDracula Fri 31-Oct-03 14:38:33

He sounds like a moronic bully who doesn't know what he's talking about. You are within your rights, so let him call his solicitor and spend £200 an hour moaning on the phone only to find out that he is wrong!

Crunchie Fri 31-Oct-03 14:39:06

It depends on your boss, but I would say once he calms down a bit he might see that trying to keep an employee who doesn't want to be there is a waste of time and money. Hopefully he is ranting and raving to get you to back down as he knows he doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Good luck

Jemma7 Fri 31-Oct-03 14:45:09

CD is right EMJ - if it is not in your contract you are not required to do it!

He cannot make you work any longer than the weeks notice - even if solicitors get involved it wont matter as you didn't sign anything.

Just keep your chin up - keep your head held high and have great please in telling him he is a miserable, controlling wanker and your glad your shot of his shitty workplace now! That will make u feel better, promise

CountessDracula Fri 31-Oct-03 14:48:58

Hang on Jemma7!!! don't go shooting your mouth off EMJ- do you need a reference from this bloke? It's always best to try and leave on reasonable terms though he is obv making it difficult, at least if you keep your cool and don't stoop to his level you will come out of it looking better IMO

EMJ Fri 31-Oct-03 14:52:36

Prob last message as I knock off in a minute.

He's just come back all nicey, nicey cos he knows he is wrong.

I don't need a ref cos I've got a really good job to go to. Did have a bit of a slanging match with him, but I'm not like that and ended up going really red.

Anyway, thanks all for your support. Will keep you posted.

Jemma7 Fri 31-Oct-03 14:53:13

I didn't mean now CD - i meant at the end of end of her notice when she doesn't have to have anything else to do with him!

You're probably right but i'm not that sensible

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