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Help!! What is this enormous lump on my forehead?!?!

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lumpyhead Thu 30-Oct-03 20:07:41

Its huge! It can't be a spot, can it? Its about 2p sized and not very painful with no head on it. Its huge!!! Help, what the heck is it??!??!!?

bunny2 Thu 30-Oct-03 20:10:12

Sounds like a fatty lump. I had a friend who got these. I got something similar on my leg. They are harmless but look a bit funny. I had mine removed as did my friend but the lumps grew back. Can you grow a fringe?

lumpyhead Thu 30-Oct-03 20:14:23

It has just appeared today..would a fatty lump grow that fast???????

Jimjams Thu 30-Oct-03 20:16:14

Sounds like you're growing a boil. Bad luck!

lumpyhead Thu 30-Oct-03 20:17:53

I don't mind if its a boil, at least it will go, Im terrified that its a cyst or something that I'll be stuck with forever!!!!!!!

Arent boils painful?? this isnt really

EmmaTMG Thu 30-Oct-03 20:21:45

I've had boils like this and a good way to 'bring out the head' is to get hold salt water, as hot as you can stand it without burning( as i did once..ouch) and cleanse it every 15-20 minutes or so. I've found that within a relatively short while the head appears and so it starts to look less swollen. Although I don;t know whats worse, a red lump or a great big zit?!?!

Jimjams Thu 30-Oct-03 20:22:55

I do exactly the same Emma- but without the salt- must try that. Often they're not that painful when they start.

lumpyhead Thu 30-Oct-03 20:24:28

Do they really start as big hard lumps like this? Sorry to keep on but its totally stressing me out, I've got a big presentation on at work next week and I could do without this!!!

Do you use a flannel with the hot water??

Jimjams Thu 30-Oct-03 20:35:06

Yeah- flannel with the hot water- our taps are really hot so I soak it under the hot tap and then apply it. They do start hard sometimes- especially on the forehead.

I sound like a right boil head don't I? (Did go through a phase a few years back- seem to have grown out of them now thank god).

janh Thu 30-Oct-03 21:19:35

lumpyhead (!), if it really doesn't hurt it could be a sebaceous cyst (Sunday name for fatty lumps) - they are v common on the head, I had 2 which were removed by my GP at the surgery. Uncomfortable and my hair grew back funny (mine were on top of my head) but no big deal really. Does it sort of move about under the skin if you prod it? Could you see your GP tomorrow to find out one way or the other?

lumpyhead Thu 30-Oct-03 21:36:29

would they appear on my forehead? that quickly?

uknowme Thu 30-Oct-03 21:38:45

Message withdrawn

janh Thu 30-Oct-03 21:43:46

Ah, well, mine didn't appear that quickly I don't think, it's just that I have had boily things and they always hurt like hell, the sebaceous cysts were just a bit uncomfortable.

From what everybody else has said it does sound more like a potential boil. Ouch. Good luck!

lumpyhead Fri 31-Oct-03 09:22:52

I know you'll all want to be kept upto date on this riveting mumsnet thread!!

Its less swollen but more painful today. I think it is a boil.

Thank goodness its halloween. I won't need much make up at the halloween party I am going to tonight.

bunny2 Fri 31-Oct-03 15:53:42

Lumpy, if it hurts, I dont think it is a cyst. They are normally painless. If it's a boil it will be gone soon.

Love the name btw

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