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Nicknames - What's going on... are you all changing ?

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Pupuce Thu 01-Nov-01 21:18:38

I am getting very confused - maybe it's because I am on maternity leave and not using my brain too much - but what is this business of changing nicknames and confusing everyone ? Okapi ? Scummymummy ? Chairmum and others......

Suedonim Thu 01-Nov-01 21:38:40

Don't worry, Pupuce, it's not you!! I got bored of being Chairmum and decided to give myself a new persona. Unfortunately, only the name has changed, the rest of me is the same as before. :(

Pupuce Thu 01-Nov-01 22:48:46

All right.... but I had an "image" of you when I was writing to Chairmum... I kind of new what you were standing for, in what forum I'd see you, etc it's like if Bloss changed her name I'd think I have a new GF supporter while it is still Bloss...
Don't know if I make any sense... well off to bed !

Rhiannon Thu 01-Nov-01 23:37:28

Pupuce do you have an image of Rhiannon? R.

Suedonim Fri 02-Nov-01 00:39:52

Maybe I should have invented a new personality to go with the new name, Pupuce (what does your nickname mean, btw?), then I would have kept you guessing! I could even have had arguments with myself, lol!

Robinw Fri 02-Nov-01 02:59:47

message withdrawn

Bloss Fri 02-Nov-01 06:29:49

Message withdrawn

Bloss Fri 02-Nov-01 06:38:23

Message withdrawn

Pupuce Fri 02-Nov-01 10:22:02

Rhiannon... I don't really have a "picture" of you but I do know what you read and who you vote for (but that doesn't tell me what you "go for" when raising your kids).

Pupuce is an endearing name for a wife or daughter in French... a bit like "honey" but it actually means "little flea"... and that's how DH calls me !

Suedonim Fri 02-Nov-01 11:57:23

I couldn't actually change my nickname, so I started again. Maybe Scummymummy knows an easier way, as she seems to swap identities regularly.

Pupuce, little flea?? Hmmm! :)

Scummymummy Fri 02-Nov-01 12:12:29

The 2nd paragraph of the Mumsnet Talk page has a place to click to "check or choose your nickname". You can change your nickname from there by simply deleting the old one, putting in a new one and clicking UPDATE. Hey presto, your identity is forged anew!

Suedonim Fri 02-Nov-01 18:21:38

I did that, but it kept reverting to Chairmum. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get used to my split personality!

Lisav Sat 03-Nov-01 21:05:40

I've been thinking about changing mine, Lisav seems so drab compared to many others here, and it's hardly anonymous is it? Trouble is my imagination seems to have run dry and I can't think of any clever ones, any ideas anyone?

Pupuce Sat 03-Nov-01 21:20:57

You could do what was suggested in "Will and Grace" the name of your first cat + the name of the first street you lived on... could be quite funny but maybe too long to type ! In my case it would make it Garcon Ducharme a) (this is a try at a funny face... will it work ?)

Pamina Sat 03-Nov-01 22:19:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jodee Sat 03-Nov-01 23:04:48

Pamina, yes you could be right, so I quite fancy being Tinkerbell Sherrington, a bit of an upper-class sounding porn star name I think!

Suedonim Sun 04-Nov-01 00:57:10

Oh dear Pamina, I'd be Sammy Evans. Sounds sadly lacking in porn star qualities, to me!

Joe1 Sun 04-Nov-01 08:18:46

God mine would be Snoopy Dugan, I think I had better give porn a miss as a career change.

Chanelno5 Sun 04-Nov-01 13:21:55

I would be Bubbles Elliott, now that's a possibility! Also, do you think my Mumsnet nickname makes me sound pretentious? (that wasn't my aim!)

Scummymummy Sun 04-Nov-01 19:48:57

Mine would be Bebbington Revans, which I think sounds kind of cool!
Chanelno5- I think your nickname is great and not pretentious at all.

Marina Sun 04-Nov-01 19:54:08

Mine would be Bimbo Saunders. I did not choose Bimbo by the way, I was TWO at the time. He also died, very sadly, of feline leukaemia when still tiny, so I don't remember him properly. As my next pet was a mouse called Angus...
I think Chanelno5 is very glam and sophisticated but not pretentious. It's a timeless classic.

Lizzer Mon 05-Nov-01 10:16:38

Felicity Marley!! Sounds more like an accountant's name!! (no offence intended to anyone) :)

Think you'd get further in the industry if you stick to Bimbo rather than Angus, Marina!

Channelno5 - I agree with Marina and Scummy, anything Coco did could never be seen as pretentious. Those double 'C' earings, quilted handbags, tiny tweed suits - its all good!

Faith Mon 05-Nov-01 10:20:39

Ching Walsh! multi-cultural, if rather unwieldy!

Wendym Mon 05-Nov-01 11:18:23

Always get confused between mothers maiden name and grandmothers but as my first cat was called Tom perhaps it doesn't matter. I was two at the time but I think my 3 year old sister picked the name. Don't think I'd like the porn career that would go with that name.

Bells2 Mon 05-Nov-01 11:29:16

Mine would be Pussy Parry - 'nuff said!

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