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DD broke her leg :(

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mieow Wed 29-Oct-03 17:17:14

I have just got back from the hospital with DD2, she is only 2 and was playing on Ds' bed with a slide when she went down it backwards and landed funny,. She was screaming and refused to weightbear so I took her to hopital, she was seen straight away and the doc didn't feel it was broken but she had a x-ray and they said she had a greenstick facture. She is in a cast and can't walk for a month

wilbur Wed 29-Oct-03 17:21:10

Oh mieow - poor dd and poor you. What a nightmare! Hope she's all mended and up and around soon.

hana Wed 29-Oct-03 17:22:52

oh, your poor little girl ( and you too) Maybe you can turn it into a novelty and decorate it with markers and stickers? Hope it won't be on too long....

doormat Wed 29-Oct-03 17:36:16

oh mieow oh the poor thing, hugs xxx
hope she gets better soon

fio2 Wed 29-Oct-03 17:36:58

mieow my dd had a green stick fracture on her leg when she was two and as you know she has mobility problems anyway. But she was up and about on her backslab and her cast it really didn't stop her. But it was quite traumatic at the time!

ThomCat Wed 29-Oct-03 17:50:16

Oh no that's terrible - you poor things.

mieow Wed 29-Oct-03 18:18:42

I laughed when they said she couldn't walk for a month. DS and DD1 have CP, so this will be fun for a month!!!!

sobernow Wed 29-Oct-03 19:36:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

maryz Wed 29-Oct-03 19:47:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loobie Wed 29-Oct-03 20:32:19

my ds broke his leg at 13months he had only been walking for 6 days,he could get the plaster off and went through 4 plasters in 10 days then they decided just to put on a tubigrip but the time he was in plaster he managed to get up on it and stand but not walk though he could crawl with it dragging behind him,no wonder they kept coming off.Hope the next 6 weeks wont be too bad for you.

Demented Wed 29-Oct-03 21:12:34

Mieow, your poor DD2, hope she has a speedy recovery and the next few weeks pass quickly for you both!

mieow Thu 30-Oct-03 13:01:44

Just spent two hours in fracture clinic getting a lightweight cast put on DD2. She has a bright pink one now. She has to keep it on for 3 weeks
this will be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blu Thu 30-Oct-03 13:42:03

Ooooh, Mieow, so sorry, this is going to make life very hard work
Have had experience of DS with leg in full-length plaster, so post if you need any specific advice. (e.g, itching under the plaster can set in after a couple of days, is worse at night, but dies down after about a week, and Piriton does stop the itching sensation. Also, in my bitter experience, keep her trousers or similiar on at all times: items such as toast or small toys are a b****r to extract if 'posted' down the plaster!)Apols if this is teaching you to suck eggs! Good Luck.

lou33 Thu 30-Oct-03 13:46:53

Poor dd Mieow. Ds1 broke his arm in the summer, which isn't as much of a logistical problem as a leg, but he adapted v well, and virtually never complained of itching. Hopefully dd will cope, and so will you! Is dh still at home to help out?

maryz Thu 30-Oct-03 20:27:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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