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Happy Birthday KS (How old are you???)

(29 Posts)
Twinkie Wed 29-Oct-03 16:02:00

Message withdrawn

M2T Wed 29-Oct-03 16:04:13

Good one Twinkie!


Get another night with the girls organised!!!

JanHR Wed 29-Oct-03 16:04:37

Happy Birthday KS, hope your day get better.

doormat Wed 29-Oct-03 16:05:09

Happy birthday KS

pie Wed 29-Oct-03 16:06:19

Happy birthday KS...hope you have a good evening to make up for the rest of the day.

Twinkie don't you know you never ask a lady her age?!?!?!?!?!

Twinkie Wed 29-Oct-03 16:07:16

Message withdrawn

whitewater Wed 29-Oct-03 16:08:36

Happy Birthdy KS. Hope your day gets better and you have a lovely evening.

sis Wed 29-Oct-03 16:20:54

Have a fab time for the rest of the day to make up for the expedition earlier in the day!

ks Wed 29-Oct-03 16:39:37

Message withdrawn

Twinkie Wed 29-Oct-03 16:41:45

Message withdrawn

ks Wed 29-Oct-03 16:46:11

Message withdrawn

Twinkie Wed 29-Oct-03 16:50:07

Message withdrawn

sobernow Wed 29-Oct-03 16:50:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tinker Wed 29-Oct-03 16:54:12

Happy Birthday ks. Not read the other thread yet but presume things can only get better

fio2 Wed 29-Oct-03 18:01:56

happy birthday ks

bossykate Wed 29-Oct-03 20:12:14

happy birthday and have a wonderful evening!

Caterina Wed 29-Oct-03 22:49:29

Buon Compleanno KS, spero ti ricordi di me! che parli italiano...

Batters Thu 30-Oct-03 10:39:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ks Thu 30-Oct-03 10:55:33

Message withdrawn

prufrock Thu 30-Oct-03 10:58:37

Oh ks that is not a nice birthday.

Can you not pretend that it is really your birthday next week, and arrange something that doesn't involve a 6 year old?

You can offload to us as much as you like. How did the interview go?

ks Thu 30-Oct-03 10:59:35

Message withdrawn

FineVintage Thu 30-Oct-03 11:00:38

Many happy (belated) returns

ks Thu 30-Oct-03 11:03:22

Message withdrawn

beetroot Thu 30-Oct-03 11:08:52

Message withdrawn

ks Thu 30-Oct-03 11:14:44

Message withdrawn

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