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Iheardaploof Thu 20-Oct-11 14:08:50

Hi ! I was wondering if anyone experienced problems with Tesco. Yesterday, I was expecting a delivery between 9 and 10 am. I got a phone call saying that the delivery was going to be late, that it will be with me at 10.30. I have said I was not going to be there as I had a gp appointment but I was going to be back for 11, could they please deliver around this time.He hang up then called at 10 past 10 to tell me that they couldn't but offered to deliver it at 6 pm instead. So we left it at that.

Then 5 minutes later, I got a phone call from a very arsey tesco driver telling me that he was at my door to deliver the goods. I explained that I rearrange the delivery as I couldn't be here after 10 and he got all pissed off with me for not being here as he has been told I was told the delivery was going to be late (big lack of comm bertween shop and driver). So I have explained to him what happened, and he said that he was not going to deliver the goods after 6.

6 pm arrived, no delivery, I called Tesco, they said it was on his way. 7 pm, same, 8 pm same, 9 pm same, 10 pm dh stayed up until 11 pm.

I spoked to them about 10 times, I had to retell the story 10 times..At one point, one of the customer advisor told me : But it was you who were not there when they deliver the food at 10.15 angry.

I'm waiting for someone senior to call me back, what pisses me off the most is that obviously they charged me for the delivery I never got but they are going to charge me again for tomorrow's delivery.

I'm sorry for the rant but I'm so pissed off, it was my day off, I have spent a massive chunk of my day off dealing with tesco !!

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