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Group 2nd Birthday Party - advice please

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Tallgirl Tue 28-Oct-03 21:31:32

We have our NCT group 2nd birthday party in a week and a half's time and no one seems to be doing anything much about organising it. After much discussion and some ringing round by some of the others i eventually phoned a local hall and as they had one of the dates we had discussed i provisionally booked it and then confirmed and paid deposit. I keep mentioning we should meet up to discuss who is doing what etc but no one seems prepared to actually do it - so i guess i am going to end up taking over. So this is a two fold question - dont want to seem bossy but as no one else seems to be bothering so having a bit of a moan about that.

Secondly need some tips for what to do with seven 2 year olds. Ideas so far include music (i have CBeebies CD for starters) a few pass the parcels, ride on toys and lots of party food. Any other tips would be welcome. Would also like to bring some nibbles and drinks for the adults.

Sorry to moan but feel like i am taking on the bulk of the responsibility - maybe that is just my fault for being an organising type??

sykes Tue 28-Oct-03 21:40:38

Sounds lovely, Tallgirl. I didn't really bother with parties until three years old - and that was because I felt I should. My eldest dd's fourth was great. My younger is two quite soon and it will be very low key. Are they too young to share the hire of a bouncy castle/entertainer/anything like that - just would take the strain from you?

miranda2 Tue 28-Oct-03 21:42:17

Music, ride on toys and food sounds about right for seven 2 year olds to me! Maybe a big bucket of duplo or something as well? Not much point providing any more than that I'd have thought.
No - I know what you need - LOTS of balloons! Get 100 or so and a hand pump, and cover the floor with them.
And plenty of wine for the mummies!

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