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Nearly New Sales...

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PPT Sun 16-Oct-11 20:49:00

Hello everyone, I've booked a table at a nearly new sale next month. I've never been to a nearly new sale- however, have lots of baby stuff to clear out, and thought it'd be a good idea.

In the absence of having done any market research- could someone tell me how much second hand baby stuff sells for at these things- i.e. vests, jumpers, trousers etc.?

Do people bundle things up, i.e. 3 vests for £3, or do they sell things for 99p an item...?

I don't want to look like a mug- but don't have the chance to check one out before the big sale. I'm really going as have a couple of bigger things (buggy, jumperoo etc.) that need to be shifted, but thought I'd try and get rid of some of the mass of clothes that are overtaking the house!

Any advice appreciated.

gilmoregirl Mon 17-Oct-11 11:49:43

My Advice would be to price low if you want to get rid of stuff.

remember that baby clothes can be bought very cheaply at supermarkets etc so even if you have more expensive stuff to sell second hand you still need to make it cheap, cheap, cheap.

I do a lot of second hand sales (basically one every year to sell on all the stuff DS has grown out of) and I price low as I would rather just get rid of the stuff.

for example I woudl price baby vests at three for a pound, tops at £1 each or two for £2 etc, trousers £1 or I sometimes make up sets with outfits that go together ie top and trousers for £2.50

Good luck

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