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normal people's views: pros and cons of iphone vs android

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gloo Thu 13-Oct-11 21:16:42

I've googled this topic and keep finding very techy websites where people hurl insults like "fanboy" at each other, and go into technical detail above my head. So, could anyone help here?
i'm trying to choose between htc sensation or new iphone.
I would like to be able to use the phone a bit more like an ipod - but we have lots of music on itunes so would that be more complicated on the htc? Or is it easy to get your htc to take a playlist etc from itunes?
Obviously htc much cheaper (so might even be able to get a pair of nice boots to compensate for lack of lovely iphone)
Iphone seems sexier, easier to use (?).
Can anyone with direct experience of both phones shed any light?
Ps - I don't know what a widget is, if that helps to indicate my level of competence!

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