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Chat website for the older generation, know of one?

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Rhiannon Tue 30-Oct-01 20:33:48

Does anyone know of a website like Mumsnet that caters for the more mature person? My Mother (you know the one) is looking (don't laugh) for a certain type of wellington boot (Gerdeners) and she can't find them anywhere. I told her I'd have a look for her but the search engine isn't bringing anything up on wellies that I can find. Thanks. R.

Chanelno5 Tue 30-Oct-01 21:09:25

Have I found just the site for you! (search in the gardening products shopping bit for clothing and then boots) They seem to have some snazzy styles for the fashion conscious gardener.

Chanelno5 Tue 30-Oct-01 21:14:13

Rhiannon - it doesn't take much to confuse me but did you mistype gardeners or is gerdeners a certain make of welly? I'm not tyrying to be a clever dick, just thought I better check.

Robinw Tue 30-Oct-01 21:47:27

message withdrawn

Robinw Tue 30-Oct-01 22:08:15

message withdrawn

Rhiannon Wed 31-Oct-01 13:58:16

Chanelno5, no it's definitely Gerdeners! R.

Chanelno5 Wed 31-Oct-01 21:49:25

Rhiannon - do you think perhaps she'd prefer a pair of gardeners wellies, afterall you can get some corkers from the gardenersworld website? OK, perhaps not, so I shall persevere and try to track down these illusive Gerdeners. I never realised there was so much variety in the welly department!

Suew Wed 31-Oct-01 23:12:41

Rhiannon, your mum might like to try usenet - uk.rec.gardening would be a good place to start.

You should be able to subscribe via your ISP (or her ISP) and download messages every time you dial in.

You might like to look here for more info about the group. It's a very friendly group, low flame, low spam, IIRC and able to answer most questions.

And yes, I have lurked there in the past. If you want to know anymore about usenet, please feel free to ask. I've been hanging out in various groups for a long time (read more than 6 years!) sad internet addict that I am! I do change them according to the info I need e.g. have posted to car newsgroups when I need help on car electrics as well as breastfeeding ones when needing help with that.

Rhiannon Thu 01-Nov-01 14:06:17

After all this mucking about I've just been in Mother's garage and on the label it says

Gardeners II Made in Gates Scotland, no Gerdeners at all!

I'll keep trying as she uses them for rambles and apparently they're very comfy!

Chanelno5 Fri 02-Nov-01 01:13:34

Rhiannon - this has come as a great relief to me, I was beginning to have nightmares about 'Gerdeners'. When I searched on Google it came up with no matches and asked me if i meant Gardeners - oh how I laughed.......... sorry, I'm off to bed now it's been a long day!

Robinw Fri 02-Nov-01 03:13:21

message withdrawn

Rhiannon Fri 02-Nov-01 11:43:54

Robinw, you are a superstar! I'm getting on the phone now!!!!!!!!! R.

Rhiannon Mon 05-Nov-01 09:58:41

Found them! Thanks everyone. That's another Christmas present sorted out! R.

Rhiannon Fri 09-Nov-01 10:24:54

Finally found my wellies after about 15 phone calls. Have had to buy them mail order, I do hope they fit! R.

Bruce Thu 15-Nov-01 17:58:20

wish i did know of a site for my age group. though i do enjoy this one despite being a nana.
Snugs (my daughter) still not well, hopes to be back soon.

Marina Thu 15-Nov-01 19:55:10

Bruce, sorry to hear Snugs has been unwell, hope she is better soon.

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