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fatalist Mon 10-Oct-11 23:38:28

Hi. Sorry if this is not the right place for this topic.
Our child was taken away in February. We have just got him back, but is still under supervision order. We realised after reading on the internet it would be seen as "not cooperating" to make a complaint while he was in care. However, complaints to ombudsman must be made within the year after being taken, and have to go through local authority first.
We feel very strongly it must be wrong for police protection warrant to be granted without either child or parents being examined by doctor. Child, despite allegation of physical abuse by social workers, not medically examined for 3 weeks. (Then described by nurse as healthy, bright, lovely boy.) Despite social work allegations of my having serious mental health problems and being suicidal was allowed to go home by GP the night our child was removed. She wrote in report had no concerns about my mental health. As did CPN, and later, therapist. Social work wrote I had depression and was refusing to take medication. GP stated have never been diagnosed with depression.

Because objected to false statements of social work, told not cooperating.
Solicitor said not cooperating is reason for not getting child back, whether or not you have done anything.
Please, does anyone have any advice as to whether it is safe to make a complaint about social work if your child is still under supervision? There was no evidence when he was taken away the first time, so am not sure they will need evidence to take him away again. Police protection was granted because I refused to sign consent form, and was very upset that they wanted to take him away.
As told by the kind (social work's) psychologist we had to see recently, there is no point trying to get social work to apologise, and no one is going to believe my word above that of a social worker's, despite there being no evidence. But can we/should we. complain about things like procedure? Like telling headmistress not to bother coming to a hearing, and not bringing child to hearing, trying to persuade carer not to bring child to a hearing etc? Should police protection be granted with no evidence?
We have got him back solely because psychologist was their last chance of finding someone to say I've mental health problems, and he didn't. I know this only because he told me, also that he thought we were good parents, managed very well in exceptionally difficult circumstances with no support. Social work have not shown us his report, nor submitted it to hearing.
I'm aware there are many good social workers, but the ones we have seem interested in creating a case out of their opinions and keeping it going until we admit to something which is not true

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