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condensation in our bedroom

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codswallop Mon 27-Oct-03 12:40:28

we live in a new ish house with plastic double glazed windows.

why do we still have condensation on the inside of our windows in the am? none of our neighbours seem to.

have it in winter reagrdless of heating.

One theory is that its water from our en suite.

ANy ideas?

suedonim Mon 27-Oct-03 12:54:52

Is it all over the window, Coddy, or just at the bottom? We used to get the latter on our double glazing but it would go by mid-morning. Do you dry washing indoors or have showers last thing at night? That made things worse. Ventilation is really the key, I understand. Now we're in a house with a chimney we don't get condensation, so maybe you need to have a fan thingie in your ensuite to help air circulate? We have also used a dehumidifier in the past and the amount of water it removed was seriously scary!! HTH.

codswallop Mon 27-Oct-03 13:06:16

well I have tried windows open and shut(on really cold nights).Its mopstly at the bottom. I thought upvc would eliminiate all this

needless to say its worse with dh there than when he is away.

have dought dehumidifier thing today - a little one

boyandgirl Mon 27-Oct-03 14:09:06

He's obviously breathing too much!

Is every window in the house closed at night? Leaving one open often does the trick, bathroom being the best if it's secure.

codswallop Mon 27-Oct-03 14:10:02

ah now thres a good idea

oliveoil Mon 27-Oct-03 14:10:18

Rampant sex causing steamy windows?

dinosaur Mon 27-Oct-03 14:11:37

Blimey, this thread's deteriorating rapidly - and Dadslip hasn't even shown up yet!

dinosaur Mon 27-Oct-03 14:11:54

Whoops - meant Dadslib, obviously!

princesspeahead Mon 27-Oct-03 14:14:30

tha tmight also explain why the neighbours are condensation free - poor lambs

oliveoil Mon 27-Oct-03 14:15:05

heh heh heh heh heh

codswallop Mon 27-Oct-03 14:20:01

any way everyone in s wiltshire is at it like rabbits

codswallop Mon 27-Oct-03 14:21:57

our windows can lock about 2 cm open so I may try that. I will ignore all the innuendo.

princesspeahead Mon 27-Oct-03 16:32:06

you should live in a 400 yr old house. LOTS of natural ventilation!

Millie1 Mon 27-Oct-03 21:29:08

We get the same - do you have a bar at the top of your window that you can open to let some ventilation in? Also, according to a booklet the double glazing co. gave us, it can be caused by curtains/blinds too close to the window and not letting the heat get at the window. We've got roman blinds upstairs and I think that's what our problem is. It's a pain though - so much for double glazing in this case!!

codswallop Mon 27-Oct-03 21:42:05

there are these in the kids rooms but not i ours weirdly..

we too habeve roman blinds - maybe thats it?

am trying de humidifier tonight and dh back late from aLondon so that will minimise the heat!

SofiaAmes Mon 27-Oct-03 21:55:07

You don't have enough ventillation. The double glazed windows don 't let the air in/out the way the old single glazed ones do (hence why they're warmer/quieter). And the en suite probably makes it worse. You should make sure that there is a good working fan in the ensuite and maybe if there isn't a ventillation panel in the window, you should think about getting an airbrick put in.

codswallop Tue 28-Oct-03 18:20:41

Ok en suite has a window thats fine. Have discovered that we HAVE a vent in our room - on the larger window,

anyway left one window slightly open and put the tiny dehunidifier on the other windowsill - much better.

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