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What am I missing? How to tell before checkout if Amazon ships to Ireland and how much the shipping actually is?

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PureBloodMuggle Thu 06-Oct-11 20:51:43

Two things I need help with:

Is there a way i can tell if Amazon ships to Ireland before I 'proceed to checkout', I'd like to know before I put something in the shopping baskets. Bit annoying if I've spend time looking for and choosing something only to discover I can't actually get it

See what the shipping fee is without having to go through the whole entire process to just before confirming purchase? Because it's also annoying to discover the kids snow boots I thought would be good value cost as much in postage as they do to buy.

(no, no I'm now feeling frustrated with my on line shopping for snow boots!!)

someonelsejustforamoment Thu 06-Oct-11 20:53:53

Over £25 spend for free delivery to ROI, does that help?

from here

PureBloodMuggle Thu 06-Oct-11 21:20:09

It does - and when I get stuff in the super thingie that is free for over £25 it's great (i've used that before - hurrah!!)

BUT some of the items that come under the super saver delivery don't delivery to Ireland (which you only discover as you make you way to purchase)

Which is a pain in the bum!!

Also I'd like to know what the delivery is WAY before I get to just before confirming order on the times I see items that aren't in the super saver delivery

considers moving back to the UK just to prevent this sort of hassle

beachholiday Thu 06-Oct-11 21:48:27

Feeling your pain. Have never discovered a way around this yet. If it's fulfilled by a different seller I click on their name to see what postage rates are to Ireland or if it's just UK.

If I get suspicious about an amazon item I now try to go through the checkout procedure with that item just to see if it will go through (right up to "confirm"). So at least I can find out then and don't have to backtrack on the whole bloody basket later.

I dont see why amazon cant sort this out with a note on particular items or some sort of clearer system - seems quite random at times.

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