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DD2 just gave me a heartattack

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mieow Sat 25-Oct-03 09:41:14

DD2 is a small child who looks a lot younger but is very able for her size. Anyway she was up on DS' midi-sleeper as I was cleaning the slide because it had juice all down it when she started acting silly near me, then she just flipped over the side. I managed to catch her, and all she got was a split lip from where I caught her and she must have bitten her lip, but my heart has only just stop beating fast.

ScummyMummy Sat 25-Oct-03 09:43:11

Well caught, mieow. I hate that feeling of pure fear when they scare you like that. So glad all is well.

misdee Sat 25-Oct-03 20:32:00

well done. almost as good as me catching dd1 falling from the top bunk whilst on the phone to mum. quick reflexes must run in the family eh!

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