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What are you getting your DH/DP for Christmas?

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suedonim Fri 24-Oct-03 22:47:03

What are you getting your dh/dp for Christmas? I need inspiration!

beetroot Fri 24-Oct-03 23:03:43

Message withdrawn

Angeliz Sat 25-Oct-03 00:03:26

hello, well i never knoe what to get dp...but it usually turns out to be a few nice shirts and useless gadgets, i always get something special for daddy thoug from dd( first year was a tie pin engraved-second year was a tiny silver travel clock engraved-he works away every week).........hope i read some more ideas here

Bron Sat 25-Oct-03 09:57:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StuartC Sat 25-Oct-03 11:28:18

Bron - do you have a program such as Paint Shop Pro on your PC?
You could take the faces from say, three, different digital (or scanned) photos and make a collage onto one image. You would probably have to resize one or two of the faces to make them correctly proportioned to each other.
Then you could neutralise the background on the new image so they would blend.
I can't speak for Snappysnaps, but I've noticed that some of the "mobile phone photo" providers only show samples as portrait images. They will also do landscape images (it's no difference for them, they'll just do whatever they're sent by you - but their adverts don't show this). A landscape version is better if there is more than one person on the image.
If you're new to using Paint Shop Pro (or similar) start this editing now and keep saving as you go along using progressive names e.g. group1, group2, etc. Staged saves will allow for a retreat when a mistake happens (it will!). It's an interesting learning curve and you'll keep finding improvements which you can make. Making these changes/improvements will take days/weeks, so (as I already said) start now - for Christmas.

suedonim Sat 25-Oct-03 15:27:34

StuartC!! Seeing as you're here - please, please give us some ideas as to what men would like for Xmas (that we woman are prepared to give! ). It would be good to hear from the other men on MN, too.

StuartC Sat 25-Oct-03 16:44:40

Hi Suedomin. I'm sorry but I'm useless at this sort of thing - even for myself (pathetic, I know).
I thought of something I wanted about a month ago and remember thinking "I must mention this in passing". Unfortunately I've forgotten what it was, and I'm pretty sure that I hadn't got around to dropping the hint. (So it's socks for me again this year probably.)
Now the subject has been raised here, I'll give it my deepest thoughts. If I've got any suggestions I'll let you know.

Moomin Sat 25-Oct-03 18:02:46

Dh and I always make a "wish list" of about 6 to 10 things we'd like. We set a budget too which varies year to year, depending on how broke we are. We only buy a couple of pressies off the list so at least it's some sort of a surprise. This has turned out to be really good for us, esp as I know dh has had very unsuccessful panic buys in the past when I wonder what he's on and whether he really knows me at all!

BTW, a good website for any footie fans is It has loads of strips with cool quotes on. Dh found it last year and I bought him a Gooners shirt from it.

Bron Sun 26-Oct-03 13:33:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StuartC Sun 26-Oct-03 14:51:24

I'd be delighted, Bron.
By the way - I hadn't thought of the totem pole as an alternative to landscape. Good idea.

mckenzie Sun 26-Oct-03 17:56:48

in The Original Gift Company catalogue they have some full-bottle wine glasses, 2 for £12.95.
They genuinely hold a full bottle of wine. My Dh will be getting those and, quite probably, not a lot more!

codswallop Sun 26-Oct-03 18:15:45

I have got dh lots of sucessful books for this recent B day of anyone is interested:

"catch me if you can"
"Global village idiot"(Guardian columnist)
"where did it all go right?" - very funny account of growing up in the 70s had me rofl

Other successful gifts was (boring I know) an insulated coffe mug for the car.
and John lewis have loads of boys toys in theri website like this here

aslo My Mum got (on my reccomendation) a subscription to Private eye for him- only 20 odd quid for a year.

BIL wants battling tanks like these boys

lucy123 Sun 26-Oct-03 19:16:52

I'm not sure for this year either.

The most successful prezzies for dp are toys (sad, isn't it? ). I've been thinking about the Lord of the Rings Risk game but we haven't really got anybody to play it with (even more sad - you need 3). But might that work for someone else?

Podmog Sun 26-Oct-03 19:56:54

Message withdrawn

Thunderbird Sun 26-Oct-03 20:43:29

Strongly recommend digital radio (got for DH's bday) also digital camera if there isn't a DH/DP anywhere without one! OR football club/country with his name on the back (for wearing in front of telly )

codswallop Sun 26-Oct-03 20:45:07

re the frying pan..whneever I bring this up he points out that it is still going and the non stick is still in tact after ?8 years.

so it was uselful I suppose.

codswallop Sun 26-Oct-03 20:45:27

bollocks wrong thread.

marthamoo Sun 26-Oct-03 22:09:25

My dh says he wants a new kitchen bin (one of those flash Brabantia push/lift top ones) for Christmas. Oh well, that's that sorted then (at least he didn't get me one...I DON'T want a new kitchen bin for Christmas!)

Twinkie Mon 27-Oct-03 09:37:33

Message withdrawn

GillW Mon 27-Oct-03 09:42:09

Last year DH had a "playing with DS" kit - all those toys which he really wanted for himself but wanted to use DS as an excuse for - a kite, a pond yacht, a marble run, a wooden railway system.... DS was only 15 months and far too young for most of them!

suedonim Mon 27-Oct-03 11:28:30

Lots of ideas here, thanks, though I guess my dh is out of step with most men as he doesn't 'do' toys. The wine glasses sound good, I think that would go down well, and the Private Eye sub, too.

sugarplumfairy Mon 27-Oct-03 14:10:11

Read in a magazine about making up vouchers for presents, good if you're on a budget or for the man who has everything.
1 This voucher entitles you to a cooked supper for you and 10 of your mates for the next game on tv.
2 This voucher entitles you to 1 night of unusual sexual demands(within reason!)
3This voucher guarantees 1 lie-in without any noisy interuptions.
4This voucher allows you to pull out of a family occasion at short notice.

I'm sure there are many other offers that could be thought of, it depends how far you want to go!but then it's the thought that counts. This idea would work well for anybody really and suggests unlimited playstation & pizza with friends for a child, sounds good to me.
My voucher would be 1 hour of uninterupted mumsnet, it's half term and they want to play on my compooter!

ThomCat Mon 27-Oct-03 14:29:34

Have already bought a stone lion! It's really nice and will probably be used as a door stop - he's obsessed with doors being kept shut!!

An oil on canvas painting of DD

Am looking into getting him a digital camera, but I'll use it more than him so not sure that's fair!

codswallop Mon 27-Oct-03 14:32:04

blimey TC he does well!

lucy123 Mon 27-Oct-03 14:32:09

sugarplumfairy - love your voucher number 4. Bit like a get out of jail free card. In fact i may have to make a "get out of important occasion free (may only be used once) card!

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