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geocaching...what are these clue based caches about...?

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gillybean2 Tue 20-Sep-11 00:28:07

We're fairly new to geocaching and I am thinking of trying a group that is linked together because the only one in our village is part of the group

The first one in the chain has clues to find the cache itself (as they all do). The subsequent caches say you need to solve the preceding ones to find the next cache in the chain (iyswim).

Having not done anything of this kind before my question is how do the clues relate to the coordinates, ie are they usually fairly easy to translate into coordinates and how does this work in practise.
Also are the clues generally solvable before you go, or are you looking for things once you get there?

Also how will solving the preceding ones help find the next? I assume there will be a clue in the cache itself or is that not how it works?

Ds is keen so far and I don't want to put him of by going for one that is too hard for us as beginners.
Any thoughts on whether we should jump straight in or wait till we have a bit more experience with some easier ones ?

Strawbezza Tue 20-Sep-11 23:07:20

I'm a fanatical geocacher and have 3700+ finds.

Try some easier ones first, small or regular sized traditional ones that are less than 3* difficulty/terrain. Then you'll quickly learn what to look for.

With multi-caches (like the one in your village), sometimes you have to find other caches with clues, sometimes other items such as dates on a sign where the numbers are substituted into a formula to find the final co-ords.

What is the GC number of your village cache?

gillybean2 Thu 22-Sep-11 07:06:04

Hi thanks for the reply. I have PM you the GC number smile

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