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Anyone want to give me their copy of Boots Parenting Magazine?

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Tigerinmysoup Mon 19-Sep-11 21:36:49

My DS was asked to model for Boots Parenting Magazine earlier this year, for the autumn edition which has just come out. I still receive the magazine and assumed he'd be in it, but the one that I've received is for ages 21-24 months and he's not in it. Had no idea that they produced them in 3-month stages confused.
Just wondered if anyone is feeling generous and could give me their copy? Looking for any of the editions other than the one I have, as I suppose he could be in any of them. I'd pay for your postage.
I'd love to see it just so I can keep it for him when he's older, and it was a one-off so it's not like he's going to be in anything else. If you can help I will be v v grateful smile.

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