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URGENT - need a baby mattress!!

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wobblyknicks Wed 22-Oct-03 09:43:35

Due to leaving DH etc etc, dd is sleeping in a travel cot. Firstly, is that ok for every night (have been told it is but not sure)? More urgently, where can I get a mattress to fit it (not happy with her just on the bare base) at a decent price? The size is 102cm x 73cm but anything around those sizes would be brilliant. I've tried Kiddicare, Mothercare and BabyCare Direct and none have any suitable.

If I can't find one the right size, is it ok to lop a bit off a bigger one?


WideWebWitch Wed 22-Oct-03 09:47:16

Hi wobblyknicks. My ds was in a travel cot for ages as a baby but IIRC we put extra padding or something down as it was so hard. I'm sure I checked and it was OK for every night. It was ages ago though so maybe others will say something different. Have you tried Ikea? If they have got one the right size and you can't get there I could post it to you or something.

wobblyknicks Wed 22-Oct-03 09:52:02

Thanks www, haven't tried Ikea but there's no way I could get there, nearest one is about 150 miles away!! I'll try ringing though, thanks for the posting offer!

Loobie Wed 22-Oct-03 10:06:44

What about buying a peice of foam to fit and covering it youself,overheard elderly couple asking the very same question in mothercae last week and this was the answer offered by shop assistant.p.s glad to hear from you.

wobblyknicks Wed 22-Oct-03 10:12:34

loobie - thanks. Would just a normal piece of foam do then? I thought it had to be special stuff that was tested etc etc. I'm planning for her to sleep on it through the night so would that still be safe?

WSM Wed 22-Oct-03 10:28:50

My friend got her mattress specially made for her oddly sized Ikea cot. I was amazed as it was as cheap as buying a ready made one, she did have to wait about 3/4 weeks for delivery though which isn't ideal. I can try and find out the name for you if you like ? She ordered it via their internet site.

WSM Wed 22-Oct-03 10:30:37

TBH I would be very wary of using a 'bit of foam'. It would seem like too much of a risk to me.

WSM Wed 22-Oct-03 10:36:08

this site do made to measure mattresses, no idea how much they'd cost or the delivery time though.

these people offer a similar service too.

WSM Wed 22-Oct-03 10:37:05

Another one here too

Loobie Wed 22-Oct-03 17:19:04

Agre with wsm not sure if the foam itself would be ok but you could ask if they had suitable foam for a baby's crib.

Beccarollo Wed 22-Oct-03 17:24:43

I wanted to ask this very question just then - good job I checked this first.

I have a TINY house and tiny bedroom, only 2 bedrooms and DD is in one of them so DS is in with us indefinitely at least til we get a bigger house!

I was thinking of having him in a travel cot then at least I could put it away easily if need be and also means I dont have to find a place to put a cot AND a travel cot if I decide I need one for travelling IYSWIM

Has anyone else used them as the main cot?

I will check out those sites for made to measure mattresses - thanks wsm

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