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Money-off vouchers and other freebies for half term events - anyone know of any?

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tigermoth Tue 21-Oct-03 13:55:01

I'd really like to find that free voucher website mentioned here a few months ago. Plus, what special offers for events and days out are around this half term?
My area's London and the South East. Can anyone help please?

charliecat Wed 11-Feb-04 22:06:19

id like to refresh this and see if it gets a response this time!

stupidgirl Wed 11-Feb-04 22:37:25

I'm sure I had one saved on my favourites - I can't find it. Will keep looking.

stupidgirl Wed 11-Feb-04 22:55:11

This seems to have special offers.


The AA?

how about this?

Ah ha, here's what I was looking for

Hope some of those help And I bet someone else has posted in the time it took me to do all those links

tigermoth Thu 12-Feb-04 13:49:42

thank you charliecat and stupid girl - an answer at long last!

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