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Internet vs. Store

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ldavis Mon 22-Aug-11 16:46:01

I am doing a paper on internet shopping vs. stores specifically in relation to pushchairs, car seats and furniture. Can you advise whether you used the internet in your search for these items or if you went straight to your local retailer?

Also, was price a driving factor for using the itnernet and if so, did you worry that the service or back up would be lesser than a store?



cheekyginger Mon 22-Aug-11 20:12:41

Hi Lisa,

I've shopped online for a number of years so had no doubts when ordering my LO pram online. The choice is huge and nice to compare prices quickly.

Not had any faulty items so far so no experience with returns.

Had problems today getting a car seat delivered by mothercare though. Have ended up arranging to go collect it instore as the delivery was messed up 2 times and i refuse to wait in another whole day. 7am - 7pm delivery "slot" is a bit of a joke for parents stuck at home all day with kids!!!!

Good luck with your paper

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