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DH, money & me. I'M IN THE RIGHT HERE !!!!

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WSM Sat 18-Oct-03 13:10:00

Today I'm livid with DH. Our DD has started walking in the last few days (hurrah, must post that on Proud thread somewhere), and she now needs shoes appropriate for outdoors. I told DH this a few days ago and he said that we'd have to wait until payday as this month has been an unually expensive one (we bought DS1 & 2 new bikes etc). Fair enough, pay day is only 2 weeks away, the shoes can wait.

We were supposed to be taking the kids to see my Mum in Wales this weekend but have had to postpone until next week, due to my hip (see other thread). So DH took the boys to Blockbuster to rent a PS2 game and a DVD each. Fine. DH and the boys return home, DS1 has a brand new copy of the game he wanted to rent. I ask him why it isn't in a BB sleeve and he says that they didn't have it to rent in BB, so DH bought a brand new copy at a cost of £39.99 !!!! Am f***** off that he paid £40 for a sodding GAME without thinking about it when he had refused our daughter her first pair of shoes (which incidentally wouldn't have cost anywhere near £40) ! Am so angry. Really don't want to argue about it but am too cross to pretend everything is fine.

Thanks for listening ! Rant over.

lilibet Sat 18-Oct-03 13:15:57

you are totally in the right, not fair of him at all to do that. I know this may sound lie a stupid question, but does your dh know how much shoes are? I know that my ex wouldn't have had the foggiest idea how much a pair of shoes were for a 1yr old?

WSM Sat 18-Oct-03 13:24:34

Yes he does. He certainly knows that they are (mostly) less than £40 ! So he doesn't even have that as an excuse. Thanks lilibet

Bozza Sat 18-Oct-03 13:51:57

Totally agree WSM that it is out of order of him. Does he realise now?

doormat Sat 18-Oct-03 15:42:36

WSM sorry but have to agree with the others and yourself I think this is bang out of order.

If my dh done that he would have to buy a pair of shoes today or the game goes back

Queenie Sat 18-Oct-03 15:46:49

Go and buy the shoes and tell him to apply his decisions fairly or you'll change dd's name to cinderella.

Rags Sat 18-Oct-03 15:58:22

if dh done that it would make my blood boil. as the game is not rented i would probably confiscate it (cause dh would only have done that if HE wanted the game) and say when DD gets new shoes then DS can have the game back and argue which is more important but then that is me, i can put my deaf ears on when the kids are screaming just as much as they can when I ask for something chore-like

motherinferior Sat 18-Oct-03 16:19:48

The *****.

Am with you all the way, sweetie.

whitewater Sat 18-Oct-03 16:54:03

Me too.

WSM Sat 18-Oct-03 16:55:36

Thanks all At least you lot are on my side ! He just thinks I'm overreacting (as usual). We can't go out and get shoes today as I'm laid up with my hip and can't walk well enough to venture into town..... HE WILL PAY

EmmaTMG Sat 18-Oct-03 17:16:09

I'd buy 2 pairs just to pi$$ him off. After all a girl need her shoes....even if she's only a yaer old!!!!!

WSM Sat 18-Oct-03 17:17:45

GeorginaA Sat 18-Oct-03 17:32:58

Sorry to hear you're laid up with the hip, WSM - if you need anything from the shops at all in the week, or just want some company, give me a call, won't you?

Agree with all the others that your dh was bang out of order...

WSM Sat 18-Oct-03 17:33:46

Thanks Georgina. Sometimes he can't help but behave like a complete arse

WideWebWitch Sat 18-Oct-03 19:49:59

Hmm, Playstation game or a pair of shoes? Well, that's *not* a hard one is it? Or so one would have thought. You are completely in the right, give him hell.

philippat Sat 18-Oct-03 20:14:32

frankly, I'd send him out with dd to get the shoes himself...

philippat Sat 18-Oct-03 20:14:57

frankly, I'd send him out with dd to get the shoes himself...

waterbaby Sat 18-Oct-03 21:18:34

Hope your feeling better soon WSM. Your in the right (*of course*), and I agree with Phillippat - send him solo (if you dare) - our first couple of shoe shopping trips were hell.

Now DD prances around like she's on the catwalk, and won't leave unless she's tried on the entire stock, but boy, would I have given anything to get out of the early trips.

Mind you, the first pair is special, and your DH might have as little taste as my DP! At least you can bring it up at as many future occassions as you like (kids always like to hear about their 'firsts', so your DH will owe you one... forever! Joke - this is not a recipe for a happy future!!!

Batters Sun 19-Oct-03 10:58:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Demented Sun 19-Oct-03 12:58:17

I would go mental WSM, that's just the sort of thing I hate! However if your DD has just started walking she may benefit from a few weeks without shoes (advice from a friend who is a trained childrens' shoe fitter) but that still doesn't let him off the hook, go buy yourself some new shoes!

lucy123 Sun 19-Oct-03 13:10:32


I would be highly tempted to return the game and buy the shoes with the cash but that would unfairly punish your ds. Don't back down on this!

Jenie Sun 19-Oct-03 13:53:02

Tell him that he must now go and buy dd her 1st pair of shoes and you want him to take the video camera so that you don't miss a moment! He'd better hurry though Mother care will be shut soon!

Totally with you WSM not on at all, also liked the bit about calling her cinderella queenie,lol.

WSM Sun 19-Oct-03 14:30:22

Thanks guys He does feel v guilty today as he looks v sheepish when I comment on the game.

GeorginaA Sun 19-Oct-03 15:13:35

Actually, if you do want the opportunity to walk outside but while still giving plenty of room for the foot, I thought the cruising shoes were quite good (they're cheaper too!). Ds wore them for a couple of months after starting to walk before we went into "proper" shoes...

WSM Sun 19-Oct-03 15:15:20

Where can I get these from Georgina ?

P.S. I saw that you weren't feeling too great last week. Are things improving ?

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