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Anyone else having problems with aol?

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Tinker Fri 17-Oct-03 16:30:02


For the last few days I have been unable to look up anything on the internet via aol. If I go into my favourites, I get that message about the page not being available. Same if I do a search. However, if I look up anything via Intenet Explorer I'm ok. All a huge PITA since means I have to search again for my favourites. Thought it might just be me since I have a poo-ey clockwork steam driven pc but found out someone else on aol is having problems.

Is it just us? Can I do anything about it? Thanks

LIZS Fri 17-Oct-03 16:32:33

Had same problem accessing MN via Internet Explorer this morning (aol home page) but do have 5000 or so temporary internet files to delete! Our pc is also prehistoric .

Linnet Fri 17-Oct-03 22:00:26

I found Aol to be really slow last night and I couldn't get into a site that wanted to go to, it was taking ages to come up then giving me a message saying that it had taken longer than expected and to try again later. I tried all night but never got into it. I'm not sure if that was anything to do with AOL or the site Directly, but it's really annoying when it happens anyway. Doesn't seem to be slow tonight though.

WideWebWitch Fri 17-Oct-03 22:49:20

My aol is fine. Does logging off and on again make any difference? It sometimes does for me, I assume I just get a faster connection sometimes the second time although that may not be the case at all, no idea whether it's technically possible.

Tinker Sat 18-Oct-03 16:31:47

Weird, last night it seemed to have sorted itself out. For now.

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