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lewislewis Mon 05-Dec-05 19:45:45

do you live there and do you like it and why?

brusselsbeansprout Mon 05-Dec-05 19:54:16

I lived there for 21 years (grew up there). If I hadn't I would consider moving there. Not the greatest part of London but not the worst and still affordable. Are you thinking of moving there?

lewislewis Mon 05-Dec-05 19:58:55

Have been playing with the idea for a few months of buying a property there, but not sure of the area. We are in the East End now but have a tiny flat. Is it a nice area for families?

brusselsbeansprout Mon 05-Dec-05 20:04:47

I'm afraid I don't know as I moved away a few years ago now and have had my family somewhere else. I think that's it's still a pretty well resourced area with lots of things going on.

Hopefully someone who is a bit more up to date will be along soon!

NotQuiteCockney Mon 05-Dec-05 20:07:18

How close in are you, lewislewis?

Mile End/Bow is a good area for kids, with lots of nice 3-bed houses, and lots of kid stuff going on. Dunno about state schools, though.

The further out you go, the bigger and cheaper the houses, as far as I know. Stokey is the default family choice, but not great for tube access.

lewislewis Mon 05-Dec-05 20:13:55

We cannot afford a family house in mile end...walthamstow seems the only area that is still fairly affordable in north/east London.

NotQuiteCockney Mon 05-Dec-05 20:15:05

Yeah, the prices are crazy everywhere these days. It can't be sustainable, surely.

interstella Mon 05-Dec-05 20:21:06

E17 is v good for families,lots of open spaces and parks ,really fantastic pre school provision -lods of mother and baby stuff going on,and lots of new purpose built plces(sur estart splashed their cash with excellent results)good primaries,plenty of day cre/after school care,good range of shops,2 organic health food shops,several little cafes,3 good pubs,some nice little bistro /restaurants,loads of libraries,excellent transort links,brill sports facilities,4 pools within reach(3 walkable),forest nearby,marshes nearby,loads of kids groups-music,sport,art,drama,blah blah...I have no idea why Walthamstow has such a bad name.

lewislewis Mon 05-Dec-05 21:08:17

hey, we are coming then!

lewislewis Mon 05-Dec-05 21:08:23

hey, we are coming then!

lewislewis Mon 05-Dec-05 21:08:24

hey, we are coming then!

lewislewis Mon 05-Dec-05 21:11:09

sorry,obviously got overexcited there....Interstella, you are not an estate agent are you? What is your opinion of the loyds park area and which are the good primaries in your opinion?

Mercy Mon 05-Dec-05 21:34:56

Interstella - mmmm sounds v interesting. May have to investigate myself

NQC: Stoke Newington is vastly over rated and over priced imo. There's nothing there! (apart from Clissold Park)

lewislewis Mon 05-Dec-05 21:52:46

NOOOO, now prices will rocket in Walthamstow...

NotQuiteCockney Mon 05-Dec-05 21:54:38

I just thought stokey was cheaper than Mile End.

Hackney (Vicky Park end) is also cheaper, I think, but the state schools are meant to be worse, in Hackney, than in Tower Hamlets.

All London housing seems to be in funny money prices these days.

interstella Mon 05-Dec-05 22:14:59

I personally prefer the coppermill or St James areas of E17,Lloyds park is nice definately but not as near all the transport options,the park is nice with cafe,art gallery,tennis courts,skate park and fab Childrens centre in th e park.The two primaries i know of in that area are Winns and Chapel end ,both seem fine.Despite opinions to the contrary i know plenty of bright above average children who are doing v well in a number of the primaries in the area.As i said i prefer the coppermill area,i like being able to get down onto the marshes and have peace,quiet and space-also backs onto Springfield park which is lovely and has a couple of cafes,rowing club(!),horse riding centre(V popular),also lots of nice family friendly bike paths -you can cycle to th eBethnal green museum of childhood or Brick lane for a curry if you so desire.This end of walthamstow is nearer Stoke newington and Hackney an d so nearer into town than the Lloyd park end .

Mercy Mon 05-Dec-05 22:22:22

I just loves the marshes and that whole walk along the canal. So so peaceful!

lewislewis Mon 05-Dec-05 22:22:33

Thank you!
NQC: Victoria Park Village is also expensive, Homerton is cheaper, but fairly grim.

lewislewis Mon 05-Dec-05 22:25:34

Interstella: which ones are the good schools in the Coppermill Mill and St James Park area?

mythumbelinas Tue 06-Dec-05 12:44:15

can i suggest better if u have the full postcode of the area u want to research, then u can find all nearby schools and how they rate, read about the neighbourhood and compare with another area too .. even find out roughly how much people have paid for their houses

lewislewis Tue 06-Dec-05 17:43:29

bump in case anyone else is about tonight

interstella Tue 06-Dec-05 19:05:57

The primaries in E17 are all pretty much the same to be honest,some have a better reputation based on nothing really!!I know teachers at several of the schools and thety ahve all taught in differnt schools i E17 so i have quite a good knowledge i think.Barncroft,Coppermill and St Patricks are all fine ,nothing awful to report at all,Mission Grove is very much improved and i know children doing well there.

interstella Tue 06-Dec-05 19:06:27

sorry awful typos

lewislewis Tue 06-Dec-05 20:08:10

thankyou interstella.

onebadmother Tue 20-Feb-07 20:34:31

Sorry to be about ten years out of date, but just came across this.
Walthamstow Village is fantastic. By far and away the nicest bit of Walthamstow if you're not into UPVC windows. Two nice restaurants, pretty architecture and a 15th century house.. and a tiny 18th century local museum with a no-dogs garden. Honestly, have been here for 5 years, and it gets better all the time. DS now at local school, Henry Maynard, which is very good, but churchies will find St Mary's excellent.

Absolutely no way we could afford to live anywhere else with comparable atmosphere or amenities. It used to be a place that people used as a step on the ladder, but all my friends are in for the long haul. Get in while you can afford it!

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