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What would you expect?

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Macontour Mon 15-Aug-11 12:06:23

Hello all. It is mine and DH's 10th wedding anniversary in September and he has booked a surprise 2 night break at a posh hotel for us. We have 3 children and have not been away just the two of us for over 6 years so this is a big deal and a chance to spend some quality time together. He had arranged for his sister to come to our house to look after the kids while we are away. When he booked the hotel (costing nearly 500 quid) there was a no cancellation/amendment/refund policy. Last week his sister broke her leg and has been told that she can't bear weight on it for 8 weeks so she can no longer look after the kids in September. My DH had to then tell me about what he had planned and we are both gutted. Now, he seems to think that we won't be able to amend the booking, but I am planning on ringing and asking anyway. After all, this is a 4 star hotel with a good reputation, I don't want to cancel and I don't want a refund, I just want to move the date back a bit when his sister will be better. What would you expect the hotel to say? Does anyone have any hints and tips on what to say if they start on about the 'no amendment policy' and how to influence them to agree to my request? Like most people, we really can't afford to chuck 500 quid away, and this break will do us both the world of good, as well as allow us to celebrate 10 wonderful years of marriage. What would you do? Thanks all.xxxxx

Mum1234 Mon 15-Aug-11 12:23:50

Have a think about the dates when you could go and so you could perhaps propose another weekend, they could check availability there and then while you are on the phone. If the booking was part of a special offer they may not be able to keep the same price though.

I would also focus on the 10th anniversary thing, (not too much on the broken leg part as that might sound a bit made up even though it isn't!) and as you mentioned you really wanted to celebrate your 10 years of marriage and you choose their hotel as you know they are the best..blah blah.

If the person you speak to doesn't seem to be able to help then I would ask to speak to the manager and at least see what alternative they might offer as a gesture of good will.

Good luck!

Macontour Mon 15-Aug-11 12:27:32

Thanks Mum1234, that is very sensible advice, guess just gotta be honest with them although am a bit worried broken leg does sound far fetched (but totally, 100% true - unfortunately).

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