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Loud snuffling in the garden

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madhattershouse Sat 13-Aug-11 01:30:11

I put this here as I have no idea where a thread like this belongs. I have just gone into the garden for a fag a bit of fresh air snd there is a really loud snuffling noise coming from a sectioned off area of the garden. Theis part is so steep it has been fenced off but there is somthing in there. I can hear it from the house , approx 20m, so it is a loud snuffling. What is it? It went silent when I tried to sneek a peek, I'm thinking badger. Any other ideas?

islawhiter Sat 13-Aug-11 01:31:36

Possibly a Hedgehog?

trustyservant Sat 13-Aug-11 01:37:13


MrsPlesWearsAFez Sat 13-Aug-11 01:38:46

ANother vote for hegehog - they're very noisy!

madhattershouse Sat 13-Aug-11 01:42:18

No, I have heard a hedgehog before, this was too loud! The end of the garden is fenced off but I heard it from the side door.

tabulahrasa Sat 13-Aug-11 02:44:30

I'm still going to go for hedgehogs, I had 3 if them in my garden the other night, snuffling away like nobody's business, much louder than just the one is

TrinityRhino Sat 13-Aug-11 02:48:45


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