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Make me Sober!!!!!

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Twinkie Thu 16-Oct-03 16:34:19

Message withdrawn

Northerner Thu 16-Oct-03 16:36:04

Water, water and water. Wht are you doing drinking whilst on duty so to speak?

fio2 Thu 16-Oct-03 16:37:07

You've had it love Drink loads of water I suppose but then you will be weeing for the next half -hour. Have you been outside yet? God that always kills me when I've had a drink

whatsaname Thu 16-Oct-03 16:39:06

don't bother sobering up, drink more wine, spoil the dinner and then pass out in a pool of your own vomit!

forestfly Thu 16-Oct-03 16:39:14

Shower, thought there might be a slim chance you've got one at work.

ThomCat Thu 16-Oct-03 16:42:22

Have another glass of wine - you're not drunk enough - that's the problem!

Jemma7 Thu 16-Oct-03 16:44:34

Wey-Hey Twinkie

I second Thomcat - If you have another glass of wine you wont care and as long as Dp is sober to pick DD up - Hey Presto!

Go on, treat yourself

Twinkie Thu 16-Oct-03 16:45:50

Message withdrawn

Twinkie Thu 16-Oct-03 16:46:54

Message withdrawn

Jemma7 Thu 16-Oct-03 16:49:28

See you can still do smiley's - Your no way near drunk enough yet!

ThomCat Thu 16-Oct-03 17:05:25

Oh no - you didn't mention the train! Worst thing ever! Once you start drinking you shouldn't stop. You must buy one of those little G&T drinks from offy - all mixed for you and it's got a screw top, perfect for on the go drinking. Whatever you do you must keep drinking. If you don't you will wake up anywhere between 1 and 5 stop past the station you needed to get off at.

dadslib Thu 16-Oct-03 17:07:25

Message withdrawn

Jollymum Thu 16-Oct-03 19:11:00

Twinkie (peering under settee, behind curtains, in bathroom?) How are you? Don't answer if you've passed out...........Three glasses of wine, OMG, you can come to one of my parties anytime.You're a cheap date (OK, to be PC I didn't mean "cheap" as in trollop but easy to get drunk). Don't want to offend anyone 'cos I know how sensitive things have been lately!! Good luck and hope you've sobered up! LOL By the way, I thought LOL meant lots of love etc.. but if it means lots of laughs, then I'm sorry, I'm not laughing 'cos you probably feel like sh.t now!)

Twinkie Fri 17-Oct-03 09:09:51

Message withdrawn

doormat Fri 17-Oct-03 09:30:01

Twinkie dont remind me all yesterday afternoon and evening I had to deal with sobering up one of my dd's. aarrgghh.

ThomCat Fri 17-Oct-03 10:23:57

Doormat - oh whoops - that reminds me of when my friends and me bunked off school and got wasted at my friend got a black eye and her dad came home and irt was just an awful mess. School with a hnagover the next day - what was all that about!!! Worrying really - still my Mum still doesn't know! Please, please let Lottie be a nicer teenager than I was!
How is she anyway, your daughter that is?

doormat Fri 17-Oct-03 11:59:16

TC she had one huge hangover this morning
She was 18 yesterday and decided to drink early in the day, while in her lunch at college.

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