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and how many of these have you bought?

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happyspider Wed 15-Oct-03 22:24:31

ds is now nearly 20 weeks and on the large side, he grows out of his clothes quite quickly and a couple of mothers have commented that it's not worth buying too many clothes as he's growing so fast and they won't last long. However I find that he needs to be changed various times a day (if he's sick or if he does a runny poo etc etc) and now with winter coming I cannot just leave him in a romper suit only.
I am just curious to know how many of the following have you bought for your children and if you have any tip to reduce the waste...

Romper suits
sleeping suits
tracksuit bottoms

happyspider Wed 15-Oct-03 22:32:41

Just reread posting and did not make much sense, what I meant is:
how many of these items did you have on the go for each stage of your child growth (i.e. 3-6 months, 6-9 months etc etc

bobsmum Wed 15-Oct-03 23:15:49

One thing I found really handy for lengthening the life of bodysuits/vests are vest extenders. They can add up to another 3/4 months worth of wear onto a bodysuit.

I got mine here

polly28 Wed 15-Oct-03 23:26:13

I got given quite a bit which was handy,but I would say I have
6 vests (bodysuits)
5 trouser bottoms
8-10 tops have lasted ages ,ds is 13mos and tops are rfom 6/9 mos and he's still in them -just!
romper suits -only had one in the summer
sleep suits only used pre 6 mos as excema meant he got too hot
romper sits used, in summer had one.
pj's has about 5-6 pairs

hope this is helpful,He did grow out of things much quicker at the early stages ,not so much now.

ames Thu 16-Oct-03 21:34:51

I bought a lot of clothes for dd as she was quite a slow growing baby. Ds is 6 months and is just outgoing most of his 3-6 month clothes but is sooo sicky that he ends up in sleepsuits most days. M&S do a really sweet boys blue cardigan which I had as a present when he was born and I've just bought the bigger size, I find it good for keeping him warmer and making him look like I've bothered to dress him!
I still buy quite a few clothes for him but I've learnt not to pay too much for them Matalan, Asda and Tesco and H&M all do reasonably priced clothes so it's not so bad when they outgrow them quickly.
Oh and I've got a couple of all in one sort of walk in sleeper things (well they're like snowsuits but not as thick so he doen't got too hot) which i usually put on him if we're going for a walk. He looks really cosy and sweet and nobody knows what he's wearing underneath!

Angeliz Thu 16-Oct-03 21:38:41

the only thing i can think (which was more for the summer) is that i used to cut the feet off the body suits (the p'j ones) and they lasted another month or so

Angeliz Thu 16-Oct-03 21:39:37

I agree ames and i think H+M have a great range.all bright and funky

lauretta Fri 17-Oct-03 14:23:08

thumbs up for H&M from my part too, my dd looks great in their minidresses or so I think!

mumbojumbo Fri 17-Oct-03 14:29:18

Primark are very good for little one's clothes. Not sure how many stores there are across the country tho'. Another goldmine for clothes are NCT Nearly New Sales. I've kitted out ds1 pretty much since day 1 and have saved all the tiny stuff for number 2, due in about 2 weeks.

zebra Fri 17-Oct-03 14:30:37

I don't bother with pajamas or sleepsuits; they sleep in their day clothes. For a baby... to be honest, the minimum I can get by on is about 4 of each of the Romper suits, short-sleeve tops, long-sleeve tops, & trousers, plus 2-3 jumpers. For a toddler add (preferably) 2 winter coats and maybe a waterproof. But I have found I got much better at poop & food containment after my first baby; I needed about double those requirements for my first!

happyspider Sat 18-Oct-03 00:11:51

zebra, my skills at at poop & food containment avoidance is nihil at the moment...and I normally need to change ds at least twice a day. My washing machine is forever on and on and on....

Also, anytime I see a new outfit I really like for ds, I got to buy it

ninja Sat 18-Oct-03 08:33:29

Don't know - but I get them all second hand from charity shops and NCT sales - you can get really good makes if you go to posh areas! and some of them still have their labels on. Today it's Wilmslow here I come

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